Fastest 5.0 (pushrod) Kenne Bell Mustang?

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  1. It sounds like you already have the fastest PR KB running and no doubt you will do better when your fueling and gearing is worked out. Ever thought of using the J&S Safeguard knock control to enable you to run max timing with safety. Some of us at the corral are starting to tap into this amazing tool.

    Question what did your fuel upgrade consist of?
  2. Aeromotive Eliminator Fuel pump, -12 feed to the pump, -10 out to the fuel rails . Will look into the J&S knock control, have not heard of it. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. you run tonight? Perfect night for it!
  4. Just got back from running all day (yesterday) to tired to go again tonight (last night/today), besides gear change time today.
    Interesting read, there are many things that the Fast already does that the J&S system does, so it would be redundant, but the knock control in of itself is worth a look at.
  5. Back from the track with another test and tune result after a rear gear change and some adjustments to the air/ far no more adjustments to ignition timing, staying at 25* total. Timeslip below, Walters time on the right................9.389 and there is more left in the tune! If you click on the picture it will enlarge, the printer must have been low on ink. runs were in Bremerton Wa. about the only place on Mothers Day that was open within 200 plus miles. Picture4012.jpg
  6. :flag: Man you guys are crushing it. The PR KB crown is yours for sure and you have earned it. With your hard work and inovation you have gone where no man has gone before.
  7. Thanks, we went out again last night at PIR (Portland Or.) for qualifying passes for the first Heads Up Northwest run of the year and bested that time a bit and ran faster. Best time last night was a 9.379 at a whopping 147.15 mph. We have video of that run and will get it posted later along with the time slip. Tonight is one more round of qualifying and then eliminations so we will see if we can make more improvements. The 60' was not nearly as good as the week before, so there is still room to possibly run a 9.2 ish if it all comes together. The thing that we are really working on the most is the launch, trying to get all of that power down on a 26X8.5 tire is challenging to say the least.
  8. Ok so I finally got my video's to post on youtube. SO I am adding another run with a lot better view of the car launching and reposting the above pass from youtube. The car was really running good despite a very marginal track. Spun the tires a lot on the 9.37 pass!

  9. Frustrating and at this point costing my summer to drive this car but it's just not happening. The new pipe welded on did nothing to dampen the load siren type noise at idle and at this point I'm thinking it could be a combination of things with the inlet. The large sheet metal inlet being rectangular could be causing the harmonics as it has long stright panels of .081" thickness. The sheer size must also add to the aplification of the rotor noise. Also the material may have something to do with it as KB uses cast which may due better a dampening the sound.

    At this point I'm gonna try fitting the stock Flowzilla back and see what I get. Also seems that it heats up very fast and is so hot that you will burn your hand if touching the blower case. I'm not sure if I'm imagining it being hotter that my 2.1 use to run or it really is. At this point water does not boil up on it thank god but it evaperates fast, just dont remember it that hot. By pass is functioning, but maybe the fast idle coupled with the amount of boost its set for is causing it to generate nore heat.
  10. The outlet manifold getting very hot under idle and normal driving conditions is common. On Walters car after doing a drive around the pits in the morning to warm up the rear diff and trans it is common for the outlet manifold to be so hot you cannot touch it for more than a second at most. It is actually cooler after a 1/4 mile pass than just idling around.

    The sound from the inlet is a combination of the thin material and the size of the pieces being used. We had to actually use heavier gauge material and also gusset/brace it on the inside to prevent the manifold from vibrating and contributing to the noise factor. We had to trial and error it for a while until we got it figured out. Since your configuration is different, you will probably end up with a bit of a different solution to the noise issue.
  11. 333074.jpg

    Awesome work area. Did you make that fender/bumper protector yourself. I really like that!
  12. Thanks, and no, the fender cover was purchased years ago, through I do not remember whom, Saleen possibly. I have had that cover for over 15 years now.
  13. So we won our class against the black nova this last weekend. Here are some video. We are encountering issues with the blower pulley. Ours are aluminum and at the blower speeds we are turning it is time to get some steel ones made!

  14. I would bet that any flat sheet metal on the outlet side simply needs to be thicker...went down that road and hit the barrier at the end!
  15. Congrats on winning your class guys no doubt it took alot of hard work to get there with a KB and you've earned it. Thanks for the tips on the noise control and I have question if you guys remember when going from the 2.2 to the 2.8L if the moise issue was more of an issue.

    By the way I think I found the culprit in the large Procharger sheet metal intercooler. The ends tanks are 1/8" sheeting and are rectangle shaped 3.5x5x24 they sing like crazy and vibrate as well. I'm not sure what I'm going to due at this point, but to make matters worse I think I have to tear down and regasket the heads :(
  16. Start it up and have someone zing the throttle while you put your hand on whatever might be the culprit and push. If the tone/howl changes then you have found the culprit. You can always have some small roundbar aluminum welded to the outside of the panels to stop the vibration. I have something similar inside the hat on my setup!
  17. Even then, KB's at full song make an unearthly howl...something akin to a pissed off rabid werewolf from hell making a blood curdling scream. I have people come up to me at the track all the time to ask me what the heck is in my car because it sure don't sound like a turbo!
  18. LOL yes it does sing a strange song for sure here is a qoute from sig at the corral forums "The sound is unnatural and not of this world, like a screeching velociraptor with the flames of hell licking it's ass"

    Any chance you guys can remember if the 2.8L was harder to control the sound than with the 2.2 you had before. I know my 2.1 no matter how fast I spun it never made the sound or vibration. The 2.8L sound and vibration is most prevelent around idle and at cruise speed and just above it levels off some and at part throttle sometimes it goes away. Are the gears different in the 2.8 I was thinking it could be rear noise.