Fastest 5.0 (pushrod) Kenne Bell Mustang?

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  1. I do think the blower makes more noise..probably because I am spinning it at max and it IS bigger. I had already put the thicker top cap on (with reinforcing bars inside) before the 2.8 was installed. That said my car is really loud...start it up in the garage and the dishes rattle in the cupboards in the kitchen.....but that is just the way I like it!
  2. BTW will have a mammoth KB throttle body(the 2350cfmversion) and 2011 up KB intercooler core intalled in the next couple of weeks pics will follow.
  3. Nice guys thanks for the response and can't wait to see your throttle body progress and pics.
  4. For all of you that follow is a couple of pics of the changes being made to the combo in the quest for even more power and quicker ET's IMG_20120628_105156.jpg
    Much bigger t-body:eek:
  5. Larger air to water inter-cooler core IMG_20120628_111144.jpg
    25% larger!
  6. This shows how much the original inlet piece is going to have to be modified to accommodate IMG_20120705_210929.jpg the larger T-body
  7. Very nice work guys that is a huge increase in both T/B and I/C. Great work and I'm sure you will get more power. I'm still still working on my car almost done with the head regasket and this time I used the Fel Pro MLS SD4 severe duty gasket also I sold my large sheet metal end tanked Procharge intercooler and will be trying a horizontal flow 31x12x4 with smaller cast end tanks to reduce the noise. By the way I tried using a very heavey duty audio sound deadener called Fatmat on the sheetmetal end tanks of the Procharger intcooler and it still vibrated and made losts of noise.
  8. More pics of the modifications to the inlet manifold for the larger throttle body. Obviously more fab work yet to be done. IMG_20120706_201506.jpg
  9. Obviously your set up is different than ours, so its hard to give you definitive answers to your particular issues. Your inlet manifold is much bigger from a sq/in standpoint and your outlet piping is also much different as well. All I can suggest is thicker material, and/or internal/external bracing of the larger sq/in pieces so that they do not vibrate or resonate from the pressure waves from the supercharger. It is all kind of a trial and error thing, as you well know at this point. Good luck. I check over on the Corral from time to time to look for updates to your build. It will be a beast when you are done.
  10. This has been a mind bender for some time and I can't quite talk myself into into if this will work and not create and unmetered air issue. The reason behind moving the bypass location would be to circulate from the cool side of the system staving off the KB heat monster. Look at the picture in scenario one this is how I currently have my bypass setup where the outlet is on the hot side and directs hot air back to the inlet. This circulation is before the meter which I'm not sure maters on a KB closed system???
    Scenario two below is how I would like to run my byass with the outlet from the cool side circulating back to the inlet. I believe that even though the air is already metered it is still withing the vac loop which is all forward of throttle body and is not lost. Does this seem to make sense or am I seeing this wrong.
  11. I do not see why that would not work as all you are doing is moving the bypassed air from one side of the A2A intercooler to the other side. If I see the diagram correctly, the discharge from the bypass moves from being directly attached to the outlet manifold on the supercharger. Now the outlet from the discharge for the bypass valve is moved to just before the lower intake manifold. If the MAF is after the intercooler then the only thing I am not sure of is bypassing metered air back into the inlet which is un-metered, therefore the mass air meter is "seeing" the air twice. I forgot which engine management system you are using or how sensitive it is or how much range of adjustment you have, but it would certainly be interesting to see how it worked out.
  12. I used Binary Editor with Quarter Horse to tune. It seems to me the KB system is different than other SC systems because it's always in vac in that area forward of the throttle body and even with the standard Flowzilla bypass setup the bypassed air is after the MAS air meter. You seem to think it would be metered twice though. By the way I have a slot style

    Another stab at explaining this is my thought is the KB system are all in vac after the throttle body when not in boost and it acts like a closed system so even though the air is recirculating it's in a closed system only the air passing into the motor is being metered right. When I open any area of the system after the throttle body while at idle to atmosphere it draws air in even at the bypass flange and connections. Thats also why my thoughts that a blow valve could not work as it would draw in unfiltered air at idle.

    MAF in blow through config.

  13. nice work! any progress is new throttle body on yet car is amazing! squeezing everything you can out of that KB setup cant wait to see what ETs and MPH result good luck!
  14. I've looked and scratched my head at the above post (terrible picture angle for the discussion) but I keep coming to the same conclusion. Your by-pass needs to be run FROM downstream of the MAF housing (between the MAF and the TB somewhere obviously) then back into the bypass valve port that goes into the rear of the supercharger... and Yep... the port on the pressurised manifold would need to be blocked.
  15. Our first chance to test the new components will be the weekend of the 27th of July. The T-body and intercooler should be done by next week and we are going to be spending next weekend installing a "chute' to the car as we are sure to pass the 150 mph zone with the new upgrades. As always traction permitting given the small tire we run.
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  16. This picture shows the opening for the new throttle body facing up, with the inlet to the supercharger directly below. No restriction here! IMG_20120713_154619.jpg
  17. This picture shows the inlet manifold with the adapter plate attached for the new throttle body IMG_20120713_160436.jpg
  18. New picture of inlet manifold with throttle body attached bolted to the supercharger IMG_20120715_190424.jpg
  19. IMG_20120717_164627.jpg
    With new 25% larger intercooler installed
  20. Geez you are going to be moving some air!