Fastest 5.0 (pushrod) Kenne Bell Mustang?

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  1. Not to mention switching to 120 lb/hr fuel injectors. Initially after the bigger intercooler/t-body swap, the car only picked up a couple of hundredths.... but was much better earlier in the run. The A/F ratio was OK but the datalog showed the injector duty cycle maxed at 100%. Turns out that in this supercharged application, when you run out of fuel (via injector size) the engine does not go just quits making more power. Now with the bigger fuel injectors the engine just came alive. Even then, at the end of a 1/4 mile run the duty cycle with the bigger injectors is just over 90%. In the 1/8 mile, where we normally run the car, duty cycle is only at 72% or so.
  2. Yeah funny how injectors a re rated for more power than they can actually deliver. I to went from 60lb to 80 last year and when I got it all running with the new mega squirts ECU my duty cycle was back to 95% with the 80's. 80's should be good for 1000 crank 750whp and I'm sure I'm not there. Maybe 675 who.
  3. I don't like running an injector past 85%, just asking for trouble in my opinion. Where is your base fuel pressure? I know when I had the 160lb injectors in mine we had the base fuel pressure right at 60 psi and with 1:1 rising rate regulator saw just under 95 psi under 30+ psi of boost and still went 100% static on the injectors. So long as the max fuel pressure stays under 100psi you shouldn't have any trouble locking up the injectors. I just switched to Morans 235 and with 42 psi base fuel pressure I'm only 72% duty cycle under the same boost. Changing injectors did not net more hp, just made the fuel consumption controllable. With an injector static you basically have your fingers crossed hoping everything works, you no longer have it under full control..

    That motor must like timing at 27*! I would be curious to see the plugs after a pass. I know Bruder Bros. run close to 30* in there car but I don't have their budget. We haven't had more that 21* in my motor yet and only seeing 90* IAT's
  4. The plugs look good, running .023 gap. The base fuel pressure is about 42-44 psi if I remember right. Has a 1:1 rising rate fuel pressure regulator, so max fuel pressure is around 65-67 psi at max boost. The fuel pressure is set based on the premise that as pressure rises, flow decreases. Obviously we need more pressure under boost to offset the pressure in the cylinder. Also the 92% duty cycle is only at the end of the 1/4 mile pass, so 92% is seen for just a fraction of a second. As stated before, most of the runs are 1/8 mile and duty cycle at that point in the run is only 72% or so. If we were an exclusive 1/4 mile car, then larger injectors would be a absolute necessity in my opinion. We are running C-16 fuel so that is why we can get away with 27 degrees of timing, we have tried 28 degrees total, but did not pick up mph or drop ET. The engine is only 8.25:1 compression and running about 22-23 psi after intercooler. The engine has never had a issue with detonation, partly due to the conservative tune. 11.8:1 A/F is the usual target and the engine rarely varies from that.
  5. Sounds like you are really squeezing every last ounce of of this combo, and with awesome results!
    I've been running the Dragon Fuel 116 in mine and haven't had any trouble with it thus far. In speaking with Mike from Moran Motorsports, he wanted us to put more timing in the tune up but I didn't feel comfortable quite yet. Our last dyno session with only 21* made far more power than we had hoped for and with 11.0 - 11.4 a/f we decided it was super safe and took it to the track. Made good power, heck went 138 mph to the 1/8th! Just cracked the deck on the cylinder head and we wrecked the car a little bit, lol. I'm rebuilding it now, hopefully we can get to putting more timing in the motor once I get it back.

    What cylinder heads are you guys running?
  6. Using the AFR 225 head. Custom Comp Cams solid roller cam. Jesel shaft rockers.ect. Engine is only 333 cid. I believe that with a target A/F of 12.2:1 or so it would really wake this engine up. Unfortunately when this engine was built, we never thought it would get to this point so a CAT crank was used, supposed to be good to 1,000 HP and we are now making every bit of that, so we are on the edge of breaking something, thus we are using what we would classify as a "conservative tune". This fall/winter we will go through the engine, build it up to a max of 370 cid, use a Calles crank, have the base compression raised to 9.0:1 and then see what it will do.
  7. Should pick up nicely with a few more cubes and a little more compression! Can't wait to see it then!
  8. IMG_20130817_154431_360.jpg
    here is our quickest pass. literally ever number on there is our best ever... that said it was 85 degrees and not exactly mineshaft conditions.
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  9. Vernon is right about the a/f there probably some more to be had @ 12-12.2 afr...we just don't know where the breaking point is with the crank. we will probably turn it up slightly at the next 1/8 mile race.
  10. Just remember that the next time we have a "discussion" about the next best thing to do/change on your car.....Lol ;)
  11. What pray tell is Dragon Fuel? Never heard of it. And why would it be better (or not) than VP C-16?
  12. wiley coyote Vernon...wiley coyote
  13. Dragon is just another brand of fuel. The guy that used to blend all of vp's fuel is now the owner of Dragon fuels. I'm using their 116 which is very comparable to the VP brand. I deal with a local distributor in Delaware and buy 55 gallon drums of the stuff. Its almost 3$ a gallon cheaper and we have had zero problems in the 250 or so gallons we have used, I'm sold on it. VP thinks they can control the market and prices just keep going up every season for no reason, hence the switch.
  14. I see............the last 55 gal. drum of C-16 cost just over $1100.00. Makes me wonder if anyone in the Pacific NW is going to be a distributor for Dragon Fuels.

  15. here are the videos off youtube...
  16. I'm paying under $700 a drum.... hell of a difference in cost! No difference in performance or consistency as of yet!

    Here is a list of distributors from there website
  17. Just stripped my pulley bolt, wouldn't come off and the Allen head stripped inside the socket. It was the 12.8 hardness bolt to. You guys have any suggestions to get this out, seems difficult because the socket head is recessed inside the pulley. What a pain in the ass.
  18. Ran a 5.78 in the 1/8th mile a pacific raceways in outlaw 8.5 this weekend. Here are a couple of videos enjoy the wheelstands on 26x8.5 hoosiers!

  19. I had to drill mine out...thats why i re-engineered our snouts to 12mm bolts...sorry dude. it reeaaalllly sucks to get those out!