Fastest 5.0 (pushrod) Kenne Bell Mustang?

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  1.'s sucks for sure. But I got it out drilled the end cap until it broke free, then was able to break free the threaded stud left over. Thank god that's over.
  2. here is a look at my timeslip IMG_20130907_150714_415.jpg
  3. Outstanding my friend. You guys are locking this down for sure.
  4. Well we are at it again! looking to add more displacement to my combo I am selling my old shortblock. It is a ford racing R block and has no issues but my builder says get a dart if you want to max out cu inches. I will be advertising it here on stangnet. It has a cat forged crank that is 12 years old and has a couple of mars on snout from cracking a balancer. Rpm forged rods h beam that are 12 years old and a set of low compression je pistons that have 2 seasons on them. The combo needs a refresh. It also has a Canton pan, pickup,crank scraper and oil pump. I plan on selling the whole thing together but would part it out as well.
    Vernon's car is progressing as well. His IC combo will be even better than mine, should be a fun racing season in outlaw 8.5!