Fastest 5.0 (pushrod) Kenne Bell Mustang?

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  1. :lol: Naw... I read that book already.
  2. Must be a best seller then!
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  3. Yeah... I think damned near EVERYONE who owns an unmodified motor or drives rice has read it. :chin:
  4. congrats to the kenny bell vert...
  5. Thanks, been a long road to get there. You would not believe how many people told us we could not make a Kenne Bell combo go fast or be competitive in this class. Everyone else runs a ProCharger or a turbo, and everyone else is running more displacement than we are. The hard part is the launch, with the instant boost from the Kenne Bell, we cannot leave at WOT without blowing that small tire off. Have to leave at 40% throttle and roll into it once the 60 foot is done. If we could run a big tire and leave at WOT, this car would be chasing 8's right now.
  6. Here are the pics of engine, not fancy, but it works, lots of custom fab work.

    DSCN1701.jpg DSCN1747.jpg
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  7. Holy Crap! That manifold is definitely a monster!

    Is he filling that with ice-water on run days?

    That TB and bypass setup cool. Hehe... I mean, why not mount the TB to the inlet and skip all the middle men? :nice:
  8. No wonder he's got to run that 4" cowl hood, the manifold is huge!
  9. The Inlet to the Kenne Bell supercharger is at the rear of the supercharger case. So the throttle body is actually only about 6 inches away from the screws that compress the air forward thru the supercharger case. The compressed air is then exited out the front top of the supercharger case and then goes down thru the intercooler core (03/04 Cobra core) and into the ported Trick Flow R lower intake manifold. The black hoses at the rear of the upper manifold transfer the ice water to and from the intercooler core from a 8 gallon tank in the trunk. We usually use one 20 lb bag of ice per run added to 4 gallons of water in the tank.
  10. I'd love to have a more compact version of that water inter-cooler that he's got there. Something to fit beneath a more streetable 2.5 inch cowl.

    Regardless... Nice FN setup! :nice:
  11. Well, the Trick Flow R lower manifold is taller that the stock or GT-40 lower, so going to a stock type lower intake would shave about 2 inches off of the height. Also the custom outlet manifold from the supercharger could be trimmed down about 1/2" without to much disruption in airflow. The upper manifold that holds the intercooler core could also be trimmed or shortened a bit. Part of the reason for the tall cowl hood is that the throttle body is positioned facing up and when a air filter is installed for street driving, you end up with a tall hood. If you did not mind a longer path for the airflow, the throttle body could be relocated so that the overall height is lower. We were interested in MAXIMUM airflow. Thus this is how it ended up. The original design was under a Cervini hood that was much lower. But we found that the shorter the inlet path to the rear of the supercharger, the more boost and power we made, and since the car was being driven less and less on the street and more and more on the track the big cowl hood was not an issue. The current design is the 4th or 5th version and the one that promotes the most power. Being all custom, and having to farm out the aluminum welding, it has not been cheap, but it is worth it. Outside of the welding, all of the fab work and design work is ours. The hrs it took to map all of this out is crazy. Plus throw in dyno time, track time ect and it is no wonder it took 4 years to get to where we are. NOBODY sells this stuff. Hell, that is what makes it cool, and that is part of the reason we did not go turbo or ProCharger, we wanted it to be different, and half of the fun is in the engineering exercise. We are now starting on a similar set up for my car, with a few differences thrown in, namely, I want a cleaner looking install.
  12. Well when you're doing yours... make 2. :D
  13. Sure I'll make two of them, and I send the bill to.............? :)
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  14. I have watched this car run many times. Woodburn is much better than PIR, but I have seen him at PIR as well.
  15. Send the bill to MRaburn c/o Stangnet. :D
  16. It may be late summer before the first is done, hope you are not in a hurry, after all I work full time and screw around with this stuff as time allows. I will at least have a pattern/blueprint after the first and an idea of cost and time if you are actually interested. Or you can do your own if you want to tackle it yourself and are in a hurry. Feel free to copy whatever you see, we do this for fun, not to make money.
  17. I'd definitely be interested in 'street' version. If you go down that road, then be sure to keep in touch. :nice:nite
  18. Yup, 5 Heads Up NW events a year, most at PIR. Plus we test and tune after changes to the combo throughout the year as well. Am thinking about going to the 8.5" shootout in Vegas at the end of next year if we can get the car into to high to mid 5's in the 1/8th mile, as that is what they run in that class down there.
  19. That would be AWESOME! I think I only made 1 or 2 HUNW this year... bit busy. I wasnt running, just watching of course. Keep me updated!
  20. awsome looking engine bay...looks hard to work on, like valve cover access...