Fastest Factory 5.0?

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  1. What year was the fastest factory 5.0 (most hp/torque)
  2. prob the 86-88 H.O 5.0's speed density was a bit faster than mass air stangs(88 for cali and 89 and on for everyone else)
  3. that would b the saac mk1 last shelby mustang ever made 300hp dont remember torq
  4. i dont think that is what he meant.
  5. Yeah, 87-93's thanks anyway
  6. It would be 87-88 they are SD, the fastest stock. 86 was choked by the intake, 87-93 were choked by the mass air.
  7. 85=210hp,270 tq (carbed) 165hp and then 180hp auto
    86=200hp 285 tq CFI
    87-93= 225hp roughly 280-290tq. EFI
  8. haha 86 wasnt cfi dude.
  9. 87'-88' were the most powerful not just because of SD.
    89' - Received MAF and a restritive meter thats cost 3hp
    Also received a camshaft revision to make it run smoother, another 3hp
    91' - Another camshaft revision that cost another 3-4hp

    So 87' and 88' and no MAF meter restriction and a more aggresive cam profile and the rougher idle resulting from it was good for approx. 10 hp over the last few year runs of the 5.0 in the fox.
  10. And no it wasn't, it was the first year of SEFI and they had a "turbo swirl" head design that was good for torque but crapped out on the hp department.
  11. I heard the 85 was the fastest stock Stang. I remember hearing a debate over how fast a Grand National was, but then someone called in and said an 85 Mustang 5.0 was the fastest. I don't have any proof though.
  12. 1985 was a tricky year when it comes to the numbers. It was offered with a 4 bbl carb setup or CFI.

    The carb setup offered 210 hp and 270 lbs/torque
    The CFI setup had 165 hp and 245 lb./torque early in the model run, then was upped to 180 hp and 260 lbs. torque from a lot of revisions.

    *also although I can't find it, numerous sources state the AOD-backed 5.0's experienced somewhere around 5%-10% less power output than the T5-backed setup.
  13. What about a boss 302
  14. what about a 93 Cobra, or Cobra R
  15. Now a Boss 302 is one badass i'de love to get behind the wheel of and drive
    1969' and 1970' - 290 hp and 290 lbs./torque.
    But here's the great part, this was during the era of when automakers "underrated" outputs to appease insurance companies. The only reason this car was built was because of the racing rules where x number of these cars must be sold to the public with this engine in order to be a contender back in the trans am circuit. So what was the actual output of these monsters? Many sources said close to 400 actual horsepower :hail2:

    Sorry for the rant, I'd kill for a 67' Shelby GT 500 or a 69' Boss 302 or 429 :flag:
  16. the 93' both Cobra and Cobra R were basically identical with a 235 hp and 280 lbs./torque rating. The difference? Simple, for the Cobra R this was the philosphy: If it didn't make the car handle better, stop quicker, or go faster in a straight line or a track, it wasn't put on the car.
  17. nevertheless... i would say they put out better numbers than any other 87-93 5.0... i would venture to say that from the factory those would be the fastest/quickest stock 5.0
  18. True, but it wasn't the fastest 5.0/302 produced from the factory. I still don't like throwing that into the comparison for one reason, from 87-93' sales of the 5.0-backed stangs was over 500,000 while the cobra and cobra R combined topped out at 5,100
  19. well, the ? was factory stock 5.0, so the 93 cobra/R is it. now, track/street is a different story. but, stock for stock, its the 93 cobra 5.0. 5.0 is the opertive word here. so, no boss 302, etc stangs will be considered. only factory 5.0. 82 and later
  20. umm the saac mk 1 is a 92 hatch