Fastest Factory 5.0?

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  1. My memory was getting a little fuzzy on the details so I had to do a little bit of research of my own. This site has been around for a long time, now. This is an excellent source regarding changes in 5.0 liter GT mustangs from year to year... the 1993 year discusses the revisions in-depth and the new rating

  2. Yeah I'm familiar with that site...

    I thought you went to the track the other day (Friday)...did you get some times or just go to watch?
  3. 1/8 mile track... Made three runs. Don't have the timeslip in front of me, but my best of the night was an [email protected] mph with a 2.0x 60' on street radials, which means half-throttle in first and second.

    I'm running an incon TT kit with 9.5 psi intercooled, with GT40X heads, GT40 intake, and 3.73 gears, on 17" cobra R wheels.
  4. I thought you had an FTI combo? Nice mph...
  5. I do have an FTI combo :).... That's another engine.

    I mentioned the wreck in one of the PMs I sent you...
  6. So you don't have a 1/4 mile track local track is (closest) is 1000' ...but a 1/4 mile track is a couple hours more so I frequent the 1000' track ALOT...better on gas :nice:

    Yes I remember the "wreck"...I just didn't put them together...
  7. There is a 1/4 mile track about an hour from here. The 1/8 is only about 15minutes.

  8. High 13's here. Though it took a few low 14's due to my skill level. :D
  9. Yeah I've seen 13.8-9's...

    FastDriver - where you located at?
  10. I'll also chime in and say the book was wrong.

    It state NO CHANGES made throughout the 87-93 model year.

    Let's not forget addition of mass air, several cam changes to quiet the drivetrain and meet emmissions, an H-pipe change, several stock muffler changes (i beleive '87 AOD's were rated at 5HP less because of the mufflers) and not ot mention a couple of different computer tunes.

    The 5.0 engine changed quite a bit...and sadly, those changes were mostly for the increase emmission standards that eventually killed the 5.0 in 1995 (in addition to Ford wanting it's flagship car to carry it's new flagship motor design)

    So yeah. i also say the book is wrong.
  11. But they also have a poor intake design because ford had to shorten the engine hieght to fit under the SN95's hood. That cost a few ponies there. Let's also not forget the horrendous pinging computer setup as ford struggled to meet emmissions regs the last few years of the 5.0. Only reason it survived int he explorer/mountaineer was because SUV's didn't wally have strict standards until a couple years ago.

    Let's look at the 93-95 Cobra motor. It's rated at 235-240HP. We all know that's crap as in reality they are putting down numbers which suggest 270ish HP at the flywheel. If you notice, the same exact GT-40 crate motor in the ford motorsport catalog boasts 320HP. How did the motor loose 50HP?? A poor cam and computer to try to make the car pass the sniffer. The 93-95 Cobras were really detuned if anything.

    Our little 5.0 is a dirty motor
  12. So, I guess the latest Mustang GTR doesn't count. It's a 5-oh...modular. Nearly 500hp and 500ft-lbs on the engine dyno. They had a documentary on the car two days ago on the Discovery Channel. Very cool.

    I'm assuming we're otherwise talking about Fox-bodied, pushrod 5.0L cars.
  13. Maybe I don't remember my facts straight, but doesn't the crate motor you mentioned run aluminum GT40s with the X cam? I've never really been big on the 93 cobra, because I prefer to build my own motor, but I've been told that the cam in the Cobra was even less aggressive than the 5.0HO cams were.

  14. Fort Benning, GA.
  15. What about factory supercharged Saleen's? If were counting the SAAC car then Saleen's are in and they came supercharged, i have no numbers but i would presume those are the fastest.
  16. Read all the posts first...You obviously didn't read post # 59

  17. \Eh who leaves their mustangs stock anyway. We are debating the output of a stock many of us have bone stock 5.0's???
  18. I put that the book does talk about the changes (just because I didn't quote the book on what it says doesn't mean it isn't in there...)...I was strickly talking about the rating system comparion between 93-94...nothing else...

    Many many people have stock 5.0's (Anything with mufflers or less is bone stock) and that is all I usually see...where comparing the members of stangnet (usually mod-ready) to the everyday driver of a fox... :shrug:

    If were "debating" the output of a stock 5.0 then it shouldn't matter how many bolt-on, blown, h/c/i, turboed, 5.0's there are because were "debating" a stock 5.0's output...
  19. No the 87-93 hp rating is not 225rwhp...that is bhp...

    The 93 Cobra puts out somewhere around 235rwhp...about 265bhp...

    Raph130...please quit with your misinformed post...