Fastest Factory 5.0?

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  1. The 87-93's are faster than the 86...
  2. I'm curious to your reasoning?

    From what I've seen and experienced, many notch's were low 14's, high 13's capable. The same can be said with the 93 cobra. How exactly does that equal getting smoked?
  3. Yes they do flex more. It's because they have a giant hole where the trunk and back window would normally go. No bracing behind the seats can make you think you're driving mere boiled instead of baked lasagne.

    I couldn't help but chime in with a little note about the 87-88 SD cars. I once read an article in PHR I believe that tested one of these stripped jewels (notchback, no AC, no pwr windows, door locks etc.) talked about earlier against a '68 428 CJ. I think it ran high 13's at around 100 mph with good timing and gas. That pretty much makes it the fastest 5.0 off the showroom floor that I've heard of.

    As for raph; I'd love to post Desktop Dyno numbers for my combo as official, but I'd get laughed off this forum... kind of like you. :rlaugh:
  4. Well, from the more modern factory 5.0 I would have to say the Cobra/Cobra R. I don't know about Shelby or Saleens or what have you, but those aren't really "factory" models.

    As for the Boss 302, the number I've found are........

    290 HP
    290 ft-lb

    0-60 in 6.9 seconds
    1/4 mile in 14.6 @ 98 MPH

    1993 Cobra R

    235 HP
    280 ft-lb

    0-60 in 5.7 seconds
    1/4 mile in 14.1

    1/4 mile not listed on the site below, but I have read that before
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