Fastest NA 4.6 2V mustang

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  1. Whos got the best times and what mods do you have?

    Wondering what my cars potential is since I am taking the NA route. (im planning on getting an 04 cobra in a year or so)
  2. That would be KenB, as far as i know he's still the fastest NA 2V @10.8 with 360rwhp
    p&p'd head/mph cams/fox lake intake and flat top pistons...
    2V NA high HP is hard to get and very expensive.
  3. whats a good reliable setup that will give good power and good 1/4 planning on doing:
    -TB and plenum
    -Short Shifter
    -Drag Radials for track
    -Tune after everything is in

    What kind of hp/tq will that setup give me? What kind of 1/4? Does anyone have this setup? Im hoping mid-low 13s...
  4. The fastest N/A 2v likely holds that title due to their suspension setup. If you were to do a full engine build and were very carefull with your block and head setup/combo, you could make pretty decent power with a 4.6. A good build with the right suspension could make these cars very quick, they just need the right things.
  5. With what you want......get UCA's/LCA's rear seat delete and aluminum d/s you could see high 12,s pretty easy!

  6. With what you want......get UCA's/LCA's rear seat delete and aluminum d/s you could see high 12,s pretty easy!

  7. I'd say low 13's should be easy.not high 12's,with those mods. Unless you gut the car then 12's easy. You'd need to add cams at least and maybe p&p heads on a "street" car (still has all power accessories&interior&functioning stereo) to hit 12's.
  8. You have to be more specific on that.....stock as in what? Displacement? Stock heads/cams? etc etc.
  9. See Bill Putnam
    12.15 @ 110.6 (N/A)

  10. wrong. KenB beat that a while ago...

  11. really?? what was his time? That 10.8?
  12. Not to sound like an idiot, but is that car in the VT video a 4.6 2v??

  13. no, it is not a SOHC but a 5.4 DOHC

  14. I wondered why someone would bother to drop a 4.6 2v in a Foxbody.
  15. With 4.10s, DRs, LTs, and an O/R Mid you should be able to get into the low 13s.

  16. Fox body's are @500lbs lighter then the SN95's for one, 2 because if Im not mistaken ,the cars chassis and suspension was already done and its a DOHC not a SOHC
  17. Yeah, but you said it was a 5.4. All I was saying was based on Jason's post, I thought maybe the VT car was a 4.6....and I wouldn't have thought transplanting a 2v 4.6 into a fox was the best way to get power.

    So the 5.4 isn't just a bored out 4.6....its a whole different engine right? Why do I feel so confused all of a sudden.
  18. Yes the 5.4 is a Physically larger block then the 4.6 not just bored or stroked.