Engine Fat Foxx TFI relocation review


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Apr 4, 2007
So I am finally getting around to reviewing this product. I installed my Fat Foxx relocation kit on my new motor that Woody built for me. This kit comes with absolutely everything you need and is super simpme to i stall. It comes with over 9 ft of wire to get your TFI module as far away from the debilitating engine heat as possible.

During my install I had a few questions and after calling Fat Foxx on a SUNDAY, I had a call back within ten minutes helping me along the way. The customer service was amazing.

I have a power pipe for my S Trim so I decided to use my old Vortech air box as a hide for my TFI module also allowing fresh cooler air to hit it keeping as far away from engine heat as possible while still remaining in the engine bay. I highly recomend their kit. The wiring harness is wrapped and insulated very well and all the connections are secure. A great mod to get ahead of that heat soaked TFI module. These modules are being made cheaper then ever so protect what you have!


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