Fatality Accident

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  1. Very sorry to hear what happened to your best friend, especially sorry for his parents and family. Im sure most of us have driven our cars very fast! especially at that age i know i have. So i will not pass any judgement epecially when a young man died
  2. Agreed
  3. Wise words there good sir!
  4. I used to drive irresponsibly in my '89 GT out on the two lanes of rural northern IA when i was a senior in high school. I am fortunate nothing happened to me or my best bud. Thats a sad story for sure, sorry about your bud Cadillac.
  5. We all have similar stories, just some are more lucky I guess. Street racing was my thing until my best buddy almost killed himself. He will now be forever fed by someone else and wheelchair bound. Guess I was lucky, stupid for doing it, but smart enough to stop.
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