Favorite Borla Exhaust

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What is you're favorite Borla exhaust?

  1. ATAK

  2. S-Type

  3. Touring

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  1. Which sounds best on a 2013 5.0? The YouTube vids I watch I just don't know if they sound as good they do in person. I want a loud exhaust but I also want it to an annoying loud. Also I play on running xpipes and XR-1 long tube headers.
  2. I have the S-Types ABs on mine and they sound great. no clip will give you a good impression. While I haven't heard the ATAK, I think it'll be too loud for me, especially with headers and X-pipe The S-Type is just right. If you're in the Los Angeles area, I'd be happy to let you hear the S-Types.
  3. Well right now I'm in North East Arkansas right now but I will be in San Diego for marine basic training ill have a few days after all that in January but idk lol.
  4. I have the S-type Borla AB's as well, no other exhaust mods. It's quite loud when you get on them. Right at the edge of being noisy for the neighbors, but if I keep it slow, I'm alright. Also, its perfect at cruising highway speeds. Not annoying whatsoever and can barely be heard from inside.

    I made this video, but the Borla's sound the worst in the video, which is the complete opposite of the sound they make in person.

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydsthwchpoI
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  5. I have the Atak cat back exhaust with x pipe and it sounds amazing. I will upload a video sometime tonight so you can hear it. I plan on getting BBK long tube headers, not quite sure if i am going O/R x pipe or High flow cats. I dont want it super loud, and am looking for information on how bad the gas smell is with the O/R pipe. Not trying to jack your thread at all, like i said ill upload the video later tonight.
  6. I actually just put on the S-Type's AB. They sound Amazing! Whenever you are at idle I would say they are as quiet as stock but with a deeper note. At cruising speed and light throttle you can hear the deepness but not the loudness. If you step on it, it sounds super pissed off!

    Posted a video of it in my thread below. The camera actually picked up the audio pretty well and you can get a feel for how they sound as long as your using a good set of speakers/headphones and not listening on laptop speakers.

  7. In my opinion .. you should get Magnapacks.. 14x4.... basically stingers except way cheaper... and a bit louder and deeper toned.. i know a lot of Cobra guys who ditched stingers for Packs, oh and did i mention no drone? ;)
  8. My car came with the S-Type as far as I can tell by sound comparisons and its pretty loud. Its not annoying by any means and is not too loud inside but I feel that every time I get on it Im making a scene. But if you dont care about that it sounds great. The sound changes at different RPMs from more of a deeper tone to a more raspy tone. Here is my car shortly after I got it.

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXz4Z2ETuwI
  9. heres mine

    View: https://youtu.be/7yWFyGSEjvM
  10. ATAK for sure.