Favorite Mustang

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  1. Whats your favorite mustang ever.. like for example mines the c2000 cobra r....
  2. From the factory? New.. a black '03 Mach 1 or Old... '69 Mustang coupe (black) with a 428CJ w/o ram air (for the sleeper look)

    Custom... I would take everything from my '01 GT and throw it into my '66 coupe.. suspension, drivetrain, engine, seats, etc..

    Otherwise, my favorite cars are my 2, and they're both black :)
  3. 1970 Boss 429 Grabber Blue w/ Black interior :hail2: :flag:
  4. I'd have to agree with the grabber blue color.....but I'm more partial to the 69 Boss 302.

    Or a 78 Cobra.....:)

    Or a forest green 67 fastback

    Just a few on my list
  5. 1994 GT in Canary Yellow

    Also any 1971 Boss302 and 1969 Mach1
  6. 03 stage 3... it just looks so snazy lowerd and them body kits, man i want one...
  7. I think the '69 Boss 429 and '69 Mach 1 with the SCJ 428 are equally impressive and rare.
  8. The 03' Mach I. :nice:
  9. 1) Elanore

    2) Boss 429

    3) Any of the 1960's Boss, Mach 1's, or Fastbacks.
  10. 2000 cobra r also. but saleen s351's r nice too

    edit: ok nevermind i want that v10 concept stang that ford made
  11. I also like the FR500... that sucker is sweeeet
  12. or the original gt-40....
  13. My favorite mustang is a Black 69 boss 429 and the 65 Fastback.
  14. 67 fastback w/ 390
    68 fastback w/ SCJ 428
    I'ke like to mix a 69 Grabber blue Boss 429 with the '70 front end with the fins instead of the outside set of headlights.
    68 Shelby GT500 KR
    00 Cobra R
    04 Cobra w/ the Mystichrome paint job
    03 Mach 1 in black
    Stage 3's
    Saleen SR (replaced the S-351)
    thats most of them

    viper32cm: the Boss 302, as well as the 429, was only produced in 69 and 70, 71 was the only year for the Boss 351
  15. ? unless that was a joke the gt-40 wasnt a mustang
  16. SVO's any of them
  17. 03 cobra
    sick car
  18. 03' Cobra, 71' 428 Cobra Jet Mach 1, 2000 Cobra R, I'd have to go with the 03' Cobra, I love all mustangs as long as it's a V-8
  19. i would do anything to get my hands on the 94-95 10.0L boss... cept i would have to put in a seriously heavy duty 6-speed... other than taht pipe dream, i would love to have an 01 bullitt w/ a 5.0 cammer or a '70 boss 302 :) who am i kidding, i need like one stang for every day of the week :)
  20. :rlaugh: I'll second that.