Favorite non- Mustang "muscle car"

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  1. List your top 3 non-Mustang, pre-1980 muscle cars! No heroes trying to argue pony car and muscle car either...

    1. 1968 Dodge Hemi Dart. (The factory equipped super stock Dart)

    2. 1970 Plymouth Superbird (include 70 Roadrunner in here also)

    3. 1970 Buick GSX

    (close 4th place is any of the 62-64 Max Wedge Chrysler cars but I couldnt decide on one and went with the Boo-ick)
  2. 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T


    This one aint a muscle car...but its got a 460 big block
    1965 Lincoln Continental Hardtop

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    1969 Dodge Charger R/T (no not the General Lee)

    now i know the lincoln aint a muscle car but i freakin love it. and as for the charger i actually dont like the general lee because all them people be buyin up the 69 charger shells and turn them into general lee knockoff's driving the price of it up more for people wanting a nice clean 69 charger.
  3. These would be mine...in the colors shown.:D

    69 GTO Judge...1st choice.Never happen,fully restored judges go for around 100k.and a rusted out,no interior on block sold for $19,500 on ebay a couple yrs back.
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    72 Chevelle SS...2nd
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    70 TA,close 4th beoing either a 68 camaro or a 70 z28
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    69 charger rt would be somewheres in a list of cars to have.I ve ever only seen one Judge in my life,very few 72 velle SS's and one 70 TA,kinda rare cars around here
  4. 71 chevelle ss and 69 roadrunner

  5. thats a 70 chevelle. 70's had 4 headlights and 71 and 72 had 2 headlights with yellow corner lights. me and my dad had a 70 ss chevelle 454
  6. 71 riviera
    71 cuda

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  7. Yea I know,but they are close in body style,72 have one headlight and the round tails and I was wanting to find one in the color that I wanted...silver w/blk,thats why I used the pic.My dad had the 72,my uncle has basiclly owned all yrs of the velles.
  8. thats my dads car :D
  10. 69 yenko :drool:
    buick grand national
    64-65 ford falcon
  11. gee...not much love for Ford Muscle cars so far :(

    I like Fairlanes and Torninos


    but I've got a soft spot for 442s too
  12. 1969 copo ZL1, Boss 429, 1967 Z28 69zl1camarohf9.jpg black69boss429bs2.jpg denissidecr3.jpg
  13. i cant forget the first car that got me into the modding game

  15. 66 Chevelle Malibu SS 396...My all time favorite car!!


    1970 Cuda


    1970 Buick GSX. This is one of the baddest musclecars ever!!!


    Honorable mention's would be...

    1966 Ford Fairlane GT


    1971 Chevelle Malibu SS 454


    1970 Plymouth roadrunner...

  17. 1: 67 Mustang GT500

    2: 67 Vette 427 Side pipe ragtop

    3: 71 Hemi Cuda ragtop

  18. clearly your forget how to read:D
  19. But its not a Mustang its a Shelby :D :rlaugh: JK, I really dont know how to read and know everyone here knows, happy now!? :cry:
    Well then itd be a 69 Trans-Am