Favorite songs to show off your system...

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  1. I am sure that people are always looking for new songs that will sound good with their system... so lets see em.

    A few of my favs, this is obviously a very shortened list:

    50 cent - Many men
    3 6 Mafia - Late night tip
    Sammy Hagar - Mas Tequila
    The Doors - Roadhouse blues
    Led - Been a long time (come on its classic)
    Kid Rock - American Bada$$
  2. i dont really have a system but....
    1. 2pac-lord knows,only fear of death,hellrazor
    2. DMX-all his songs hit hard
    3. Castro-(you never heard of him, so it doesn't matter)
  3. .
  4. Linkin Park - My December (dont ask)
    Just about ANY beastie boys song
    some old school rap (rappers delight, king of rap)
    Run DMC n ****
  5. Anything produced by Lil Jon will knock down your trunk!!!

    Here's a few of mine:

    Mack 10 - Hoobangin'
    36 Mafia - Tongue Ring (I don't like the song but the bass is killer)
    Eazy E - Boyz in the Hood
    2pac - Shed so many tears
    Daz Dillinger - Various Songs
    Jermaine Dupri - Various Songs
    E40 - Rappers Ball
    Outkast feat. Mystikal - Neck of da Woods
  6. Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
    Lil John & Ludacris - Bia Bia
    Usher ft. Lil John - Yeah!
    Shaggy - Darling Angel
    T.I. - Rubber Band Man
    Techno remixes

    For mine, i can't even keep my system all the way up, i can only have it about 1/3 the way up, or it gets too loud and starts to "punch" my internal organs pretty hard. I am running 2 12" Boss Ripper subs with a 1200W Boss amp. Also running underdrive pulleys, and i have never had any problems.
  7. Anything that doesn't consist of illiterate gangbangers talking about women and drugs.

    Guess that rules out most of your choices :).
  8. the ultimate bass songs IMO include:

    **Wu-tang - Triumph
    R-kelly - Fiesta (original not remix)
    techno remixes
    Black Rob - like Whoah
  9. Lil John - Get some crunk in your system
  10. I thought of one more to add to my list, one of my favorite techno songs, you should download it, if you can find it anywhere...

    Schwarzende - Hell or Heaven
  11. i lovee good techno.. can you sent it to me? [email protected] ?? :flag:
  12. Sounds like this has turned more into a "songs to show off your subs", instead of "your system" :D

    I like Clapton, a lot of various Classical pieces, I like "One" by Metallica for showing how quick a sub is, when Lars starts going off on the kick drum towards the middle/end. Allison Krauss has a voice that will really make any speaker issues apparent. Hotel California is a good one, too.

    BTW, if you want to have some fun with bass, go out and find the Telarc (label) recording of the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovski...digitally recorded field artillery blasts that go down to 6 hz.
  13. I like the classic Ice Tee song Colors.it shows off the highs and the lows.Also as mentioned before....Eazy E's Boyz In da Hood.Also some LL Cool J. songs such as I Need Love and Going Back To Cali or even the one called the Cars With The Booming Systems.Oh the one from Quincy Jones.............Secret Garden.Now thats a good one.
  14. can't forget kanye west :D
  15. nobody like country? :) I like Ice Ice Baby sometimes just to be different, white drop top 5.0.
  16. I have to agree.....everyone on here knows they used to rock that song back in the day. :D
  17. *raises hand* guilty :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh:

    gangstaz paradise - coolio is probably my favourite bassline

    but pretty much anything by WSC, NWA, and so on will blow your trunk off :nice:
  18. Easy-E Boyz In The Hood
    Digital Underground Freaks Of The Industry
    Sir Mix-A-Lot Baby got Back
    Snoop What's My Name
    Madonna Vogue

    I know I'm gonna get it for that last one, but the highs and lows kick!
  19. My SQ list since we don't want this to be a "subs" post.

    Toni Braxton - Secrets (the whole album)
    Barry White - Love's Theme
    Earth Wind and Fire - The Hits
    Most songs produced by Quincy Jones
    Anita Baker - most songs
    Kenny G - the hits
    Brian Culbertson

  20. naw, I dig the outlawz too. so I heard of him...... my question to you is how can you have that avaitor and not put Ambitionz Az A Ridah in that list???