Favorite songs to show off your system...

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  1. Hehe, you wanna talk about fast subs, get some Euro metal.

    I love riding around blasting some Children of Bodom or for that matter any metal. My car gets looks everywhere, and people don't expect to hear anything like that blaring from it. But I wouldn't have it any other way.
  2. Another good song for showing off the bass would be a classic one called Play at Your own Risk or the song Planet Rock, the beats on them songs are great.I was listing to some old R-Kelly and PUblic Anouncement songs the other day and some of the songs on the cd Born into the 90's was slamming in the system to.And what about JJ Fad.....................Supersonic.
  3. I forgot that one, that song is one of my favorites and hits hard too. :D

    Glad to see another fan of him out there. :nice:
  4. Prodigy - Smack My **** Up :nice:
  5. Bass - in order of BEST to GOOD
    M.C.A.D.E. - Sex, Crime, Drugs
    Billy Idol - Prodigal Blues
    Bass Mekanik - Bass Mekanik (track 7)
    Ludicrus - Move B***h
    Project Pat - Weak Ni**az
    Too Short - The Ghetto

    Overall Dynamic Range - ALL incredible
    Fleetwood Mac - Tusk
    Rush - The Trees
    Pink Floyd - Welcome To the Machine
    The Who - Who Are You?
    James Newton Howard & Friends - any cut
    California Project - Good Vibrations (careful here . . . )

    Sound Quality
    Jennifer Warnes - Joan of Arc
    Michael Ruff - any cut
    Clair Marlo - any cut
    Amanda McBroom - any cut
    Seal - Kiss From a Rose

    The following albums are VERY hard to find but will redefine what you know of a great performing system:

    Don Dorsey, Bachbusters (Telarc)*
    Erich Kunzel, Chiller (Telarc)*
    Erich Kunzel, The Great Fantasy Adventure (Telarc)*
    Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Welcome to the Pleasuredome

    *Look in the Classical section of your favorite record store. Bachbusters is just plain sick ('specially Track 15) and Chiller is guaranteed to blow a woofer/amp on the first play . . . old sound off stuff 'fer sure . . .
  6. I haven't had a chance to look at the cd, but would that Bachbusters track happen to be Tocatta in B?
  7. Awesome, I am glad to see a lot of people posted, I have lots of downloading to do now....hehe :D
  8. ok ok ok ... well now that we have been through your guys song.. .lets start with some eazy e-real mutha*****in g's ice cube-no vasoline
    dre-dre day
    jt money-playa a$$ $hit
  9. jt money - ho problems
  10. Are we forgetting Dru Downs "Pimp of the year"? That song slaps!
  11. *bump*
    cool thread
  12. ::2 BUMP 2::
    Blackaliscious - whichever album. it da ha shi
    the new Bob Marley Mix jone (w/ L. Hill, Busta, )
    Mobb Deep - Murda Muzik

    :: Over-All ::
    Dream Theatre
    Incubus - Aquianous Transmission (spelling sucks)
    Good Quallity Live Music can show off your mids & highs like nothing-else!
    Canon in D (now thats old-skool)