FBI announces lower recovery rate of stolen vehicles (43.2% recovery rate)

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  1. As taken from FBI reports auto thefts, recovery rates down | The Car Tech blog - CNET Reviews

    It has a plug for lojack but lojack is only covered in less than half of all USA states. Lojack also does not provide an engine disabler system so cops may find it but may have to pit the vehicle or damage it in order to apprehend the suspect.

    Newer vehicles are harder to steal thus amateur thieves (to be used for other crimes, joyriding or a simple ride to a drug house) is down but professional thieves (those who copy your keys, steal your keys from your house or at worst carjack you) remains constant.

    Total Visage provides global coverage, our units are completely hidden and the units come with a back up battery. Our limited time offer means no monthly fees!!!

    Please call us at 1-877-231-4324 to find a local dealer near you!

    We are offering $249 installed (basic does not include fuel pump kill) at participating vendors.

    Group buys of 10 units+ are available!
  2. The Guy that tries to car jack me better make sure hes ready to be carried by six, being judged by six is no longer an option w/me these days.
    As for my car being stolen w/o the key, my car won't start w/o my one key for that specific car. Plus the PATS system kills the fuel pump anyway.
    You might wanna post up in the Fox and Vintage sections.
  3. thank you for clarifying. I thought he meant carrying 6 = carrying a revolver with 6 bullets than not arming himself...
  4. if my go more than 15 mins from my house i have my backpack which contains:

    1. bible
    2. beretta
    3. laptop
    4. camera

    all the essentials :)
  5. Has anyone heard anything good or bad about this company and product? The company and product are too new for any real reviews or comments to show up on a Goggle search.

    A concern that I have is "will the company still be around in 5->10->15->20+ years". My Stang is 25 years old. I was there when it was ordered, and I was there when it was picked up. So, I'm not looking for some short-term thingy for my Stang.

    Hmm, whois domain name registration information:
    Domain Name: TOTALVISAGE.COM
    Created on: 10-Apr-09
    Expires on: 10-Apr-11

    Only two years registration taken on the domain name? Wow, talk about very low funding and/or very little faith in the product and new company.

    Still, I may be interested if there is a group buy for the un-installed units.

    FYI, their website:
    Total Visage - Home Page

    From their FAQ:
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana, sans-serif]Q: How much?
    A: $199 and no monthly fees. (This is the main reason why *I* like it. :))
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana, sans-serif] Q: Can I install it myself?
    A: Yes but we recommend professional installation.
    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana, sans-serif]
    (This another important reason I like it.
    [/FONT]With all due respect, the installs done by shops suck ***! And, no one ****s with the wiring in my Stang - NO ONE!)
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana, sans-serif]
    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana, sans-serif]Q: Who can call in to start a trace/shut the ignition?
    A: Only the registered owner of the vehicle can start a trace. Only police can order an ignition kill.

    Q: How does it work?
    A: Our tracker is always in ‘sleeper mode’. When activated, the GPS and GSM systems will tell us where you are and shut the ignition when police are on the scene
    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana, sans-serif]
    Q: What is the difference between this and those units I can track it myself?
    A: Those units you need to supply your own sim card and will not qualify for insurance discounts. Sim cards you have to pay a monthly fee even pay as you go cards which require a monthly top up or else it expires. If it expires, you have to refil it manually or else you cannot track your vehicle. If and when your vehicle is stolen, you will need to log onto your computer or cellphone (if they didn’t steal it) and tell the police the location as it is happening. In addition some of those units cannot shut ignition.

    Q: Can I track my spouse or loved ones?
    A: No, it is illegal to install trackers without the knowledge of said individuals. With the ability to abuse such a power, we are not currently offering this option. Our intentions is the safe retrieval of your possessions, not be big brother.

    Q: But are you tracking me all of the time?
    A: No, our units will only tell us where you are when it is stolen or needs to be recovered.

    Q: How is our privacy and security ensured?
    A: Every phone call and command (to track or shut down ignition) is monitored and recorded on both our systems and on your personal GPS tracker.

    Q: Can someone hack into my GPS tracker and find out where I am?
    A: No, every unit has a unique password and set of commands that only we know.

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  7. Hello, we only paid for 2 years but our credit card is on file to renew automatically...

    IF a big *IF* our company goes under, you can still track it yourself. We can give you the codes/passwords for your specific unit. We don't intend to sell and run, we intend to sell to all shops and car brands globally.

    Yes you can install it yourself, super simple red and black to power and ground respectively. Make sure antennas do not have metal overhead and wire up the fuel pump relay and wiring (if you want fuel pump kill).