F'd with by Ricers

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  1. Man this thread is still going?

    I took down one of those brand new 03 Si's earlier last week with the weak 305 still in my car..... :rlaugh: 170hp vs 160hp and racing up hill. lol and while blowing some smoke due to needing new valve seals and while I am an automatic 2.73 car. BWAHAHAHAHA
  2. This is true and I fell the same way just about. Usually when we street race its on open county roads and no trafic and usualy people who don't act like a ricer and don't drive a beat up car :D

    I was headed to the store with my son in my 93' 2.3L I just had a new exhuast put on it after the old one fell off so its got a little noise to it. Now when I pulled out on to the main road I gave it some gas to beat the on comming trafic some. Next thing I know I got this dork 17 yr old looking kid in a Grand am its was older like a 96' 2 dr. I could see him dodgeing in and out of trafic to get next to me. We winding up at a light and there he was just acting like a ricer reving the engine and wanting to race. I looked at him and shooked my head no, come on I got a 21 month old kid and on a very populated road. Light turned green and I set there a few sec just to let him get out of my site :) So I'm cruzing down the street and I see he has slowed down to get next to me again and now I got cars beside me and I needed in the fair right lane to turn at the next light. Well a small gap opens up and I goose it to get around the other car to make my turn. This jack a$$ thinks I'm trying to race him and takes off, now keep in mined this is less than a 1/8 mile to the light and he is 2 lanes over from me doing about 60 mph or faster. O and the light is red with cars stoped at it. He jump across 2 lanes to get in mine in like 20 yards and slams on his brakes sliding all the way across and barely misses both me and the other cars. I wanted to follow his A$$ and beat the hell out of him. :mad:
  3. My friend rick has a 5.0 silver bought it off ebay for 7,000 and had it shipped to his front door. Nicest car you will ever see ill take pics some time he has it away for winter. Well my friend bill has 98 gsx awd turbo and kinda alot of mods. Ricki has 450 hp 4 point roll cage and is a stick my friend bills is a automatic kills him off the line everytime just when their about to end ricki gets him. But bill will have him after he gets the exhaust on because he can build up more boost before the launch and get off the line quicker...its a very good race ill tape it sometime and show everyone.

    Them gsx's and tsi's are not one to be messed with very fast cars.
  4. I have taken down my fair share of gsx's and tsi's with my heavy old bird. The "bottle breaking sound" bov's dont scare me very much :lol:
  5. What kind of car do you have?
  6. yesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! king of page 3. :banana: :banana: .
  7. I have an 88 thunderbird turbo coupe
  8. You must have alot of mods other wise you would get smoked. Your car is probably heavier then the tsi gsx and its not awd. Do you have alot of mods?
  9. I am way heavier than them-I do have a few things done to my car :D but with just a boost controller I still never lost to one. I did come across one that was pretty quick last summer but my combo was complete and it wasnt really a contest.
  10. I see what is your car running it must be fast to beat these cars. And are the ones you are racing moded? caz my friend got on and got all this stuff done to it hes runnin around 14 pounds of boost and is like mid 12s. If you got a pic of your car post it i would like to check it out.
  11. YOu have to be lieing or not racing the gsx or have alot of mods you pick one
  12. There is a pic of my engine bayon turbotbird.com look underthe carsisle 2003 photo's my combo is:88tc t3/t4 54 trim ceramic ball bearing atr downpipe,atr ext wastegate,ported e6, big valve head,a237 cam, 44pph injectors,65mm tb kirban afpr,spearco svo intercooler,greddy bov,extrude honed intakes,jacobs ignition system.Once the bugs were worked out it screams in my heavy old car.
  13. See i thoght you were saying you were beating them stock. Nice car then and congratulations i see how you eat tsi and gsxs now ...
  14. :drool: