Feb meeting for MAM&F club! Open to all!

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  1. Hi guys. This month is tricky. The machine shop we were gonna do our tech day at is no longer available. :rolleyes:
    I know we usually have our meetings every second Saturday, but this time it's Valentine's Day, and none of us wish to be in TOO much trouble, so we have to move it. The 21st is another day I cannot make (Valentine's Day 2, g/f's B-day) and I'd really like to be there to go over the show comming in June, so we are going to have the meeting at the following time/ place:

    Feb 28th, 2004 at the Bennigan's in Laurel, Md (right on Rt. 1) at 1pm.

    Anyone wishing to come hang out is welcome, including family members, ect.
    This will be a short meeting/ Leap Year party (ever heard of one of those? :D ). This will give us a distraction and just let us be able to relax after all the nasty, snowy, salty, rainy, cold weather!

    Anyone wanting directions or any other info PM me or check out the club's website, www.mamandf.com

    See you all there! :nice:
  2. Excellent. I'll be there on Sat the 28th.....
  3. I plan on attending!