Fuel Feeding A Blower!

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  1. Hello all,
    I'm trying to figure out a mathematical method to figure out how big of a surge tank I will need for my fuel system. I don't want to drain my surge tank and lean my motor. It's a carbed 302 with a blower. Here's my plan...
    HP goal, 500hp, by my calculation I need a fuel pump that will push at least 50 gallons per hour. I'm trying to decide between the Holley black, Mallory 4150, or a Magna Fuel 275/300. Now whichever I choose, I will be placing the HVLP pump after the surge tank followed by a FPR. I will also need another HVLP pump to feed the surge tank from the cell. How big of a pump do I need to feed the surge tank to keep it full. From what I've read on previous articles is that you shouldn't regulate the pressure to the surge tank. You need the surge tank constantly full especially in drifting (not my plans, just something to keep in mind), just make sure you run a good return line from the surge tank to the fuel tank. So with that said...
    1. How big of a surge tank do I need? Or give me an equation to figure it out.
    2.How big of a fuel pump do I need to feed the surge tank from the cell?
    3.Also for a DD/Road course setup has anyone experienced these pumps I've listed?
    Thanks in advance.
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  6. Sounds like you are trying to re invent the wheel here, just curious to your reasoning for running two pumps, surge tank, etc?? A properly sized single pump is more than enough to handle the Hp levels you are talking about. I'm in no means knocking your setup, just curious to the reasoning behind it
  7. HA-HA my father keeps saying dang your going to be an Engineer by the time your done with this car.
    Yes, with my sumped stock fuel tank, a in-line pump, and regulator would be satisfactory. With wanting to do road course racing and it's my DD, it's all about over doing the safety. Sump, is so my in-line pump doesn't burn up trying to pull fuel. Surge Tank, is there in case the fuel sloshes away from my sump in excessive turning or braking. Now the stock tank's in-line will basically feed the surge tank. Then, I need another pump after the surge tank to feed my carb. Sorry about the picture I drew up being small and kind of hard to read.
    I already figured out how big of a surge tank I need and what not though. Any more questions feel free to ask.
    2013-9-23 Fuel Surge Setup.jpg
  8. I just feel that a properly baffled and sumped tank with a single pump and regulator would be more than sufficient. You are talking about twice as much cost, twice the parts, twice the wiring, twice the amp draw and twice the complexity. Personally I know nothing about road coarse driving but can't imagine fuel sloshing far enough away to just kill the thing, after all we aren't talking about rock climbing. I just personally like to keep things as simple as I can. I am interested to see how this all turns out. What keeps the surge tank from flooding and pushing the high pressure up through the rest of the system to the carb'd regulator?
  9. I hear you. The pump from the tank won't have to be as big as the one after the surge tank. All I'm paying for is the surge tank and extra pump. The draw is the only that that will get me, I'm assured my alternator is big enough though. So that will save some money. I've heard so much back and forth about fuel sumps working and not working, I just would rather not risk it. Hell rock climbing might keep it in the sump :rlaugh:. Simplicity went out the window when this blower went on ha-ha. I will post pics or something when I get all the parts together.
    There won't be high pressure, as the tank will pump into the surge. Then excess in the surge will return back to the tank. If necessary a directional flow fitting can be added to the return from the regulator. Basically it will be its own system in filling the surge. As long as I don't drain the surge tank, there won't be any lean condition. That's the plan at least.