Feel like a trader.....

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by LoCoMotion, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. Traded in the 03 Cobra today for a Z06.
    I love the SOTP HP & torque of the Cobra more then what the Z06 has right now, it only has 30 miles on it now, so I haven't really tested it's SOTP feel......but I decided I needed a little more comfort..... :rolleyes:

    The Cobra's gone, but will never be forgotten........ :nice:

    but at least its American...and its black :rolleyes:
  3. Awesome, congrats! :cheers:

    Don't worry, some of us can appreciate other vehicles out there which are not named "mustang." :D :)
  4. Nice. The Z06 is the only way to go if you feel the need for a Vette. Don't worry. As you can see from my sig that Horses and Bowties can live in the same barn.
  5. "Traitor"

    Well, if you traded the cobra in for the z06 I guess you'd be a trader too...

    You know...Bennidict Arnold was a traitor, and the US government had him excecuted... :rlaugh:


    At least it's still American :flag: and really fast...
  6. Same thing I wanted to do a while back just could not come to trade in value agreement so I walked.

    Nice car.
  7. Traded up is more like it. Z06 is a bad ass car. Congrats. It might feel a little slower but the cornering and braking has got to be worth it. Im sure youll come to find out it is infact a faster car though.
  8. Z06 is an amazing sports car, thers nothing to be ashamed about bro. You just moved from one muscle car to the next, albeit this one more "high scale".
  9. man get that car lingenfeltered!! u will be one bad mofo!
  10. If you are ready for the next step then go. Most of use are waiting for a chance go but be sure... and don't hurt any one
  11. dubya tee eff :scratch:
  12. Just dont be one of those Z06 owners that refuse to go WOT with a pullied Cobra because they are affraid to lose. Let her rip!
    Great choice though :nice:
  13. u should get those lingenfelter 427 twin turbo setups :) sure it costs $30k but it would be worth it if u were rich LOL!
  14. Ditto ... good choice. :hail2: