Expired Feeler 88 Fhp

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  1. I have an 88 FHP that I'm thinking of letting go, no low ballers, have a lot of time and money invested on this daily driven coupe, no rust, or leaks. 5spd tremec 3550, alum DS, lowered, trick flow track heat intake, edelbrock alum heads, 1.6 roller rockers, cam, msd billet dist, msd digital 6 box, coil, new plugs, wires, cap n rotor. Wide band with gauge, Anderson PMS, elect fan, under drive race pulley, complete aeromotive fuel system from tank to rails n back. -10 feed, -8 return, aeromotive fpr, a1000 pump with inlet and outlet aeromotive filters, 36# injectors, air mass meter, 70mm tb, spacer, headers, full 3" exhaust. Weld draglite wheels with good tires. $7000/Bo
    ma5ama2e.jpg ma5ama2e.jpg
  2. Orlando, FL
  3. Need the cash to buy a house, but thanks for the offer.
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    Im in Gainesville but I'm going to Tampa in a few days and can swing by to take a look. But I would like to talk to you about a few things first....

    Hit me up
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  5. PM sent
  6. Sale pending
  7. Sale fell thru, still for sale
  8. I know your last message up there^^ says Sunday and "new", but is the car still for sale?
  9. Yes it is.
  10. Cool. Have you had any other concrete offers? Cuz I'm not local,and I'd have to jump thru a couple hoops to get down to Orlando.
  11. PM sent
  12. please change thread heading from expired to for sale if vehicle is still available
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