Feeler For My Driving Parts Car 88 Vert

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  1. Id rather fix it but after getting it back home and looking over again there is a lot of body damage, so im going to sell it whole, dont even ask if ill part it. Car runs and drives. Tail light housings, headlights, cobra grill insert and GT ground effects all good. Stock ponys with 50-75% rubber left.

    Engine - stock block, cobra intake (Ford casting not the junk Chinese one) 65mm accufab TB, 1.7 rr's, headers, off road H, Pypes cat back. Auto trans with a recent rebuild, 3.55's in the rear end. AC delete but i still have it in a crate.

    Interior - some of the trim is junk, lots of good parts too. new TMI leather seats that are still in great shape. New multi switch, stock radio, door panels and dash are still good. carpet is about 2 years old and looks new.

    Not sure about the suspension, car had a lot of weight on the back of it for a couple of hours. Ive drove it up to 25mph (busted windshield and loose glass in the face sucks) and it felt solid. Steeda sport springs, steeda aluminum LCA's, Steeda CC plates and Steeda bumpsteers, MM brake upgrade kit.

    PM if interested.
  2. how much for the cc plates? how do they look?
  3. they look fine but im selling it whole, no desire to part it out right now.
  4. where are you located and how much
  5. Depends, there are a few things id like to keep but I would let them go for the money, shoot me a PM.
    Im in Southeast Illinois.
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