Feeling really special with my 2007 GT/CS in Vista Blue

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by Nunja Business, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Just over 24 hours now in my new relationship. She is younger and prettier than the old gal and seems to love me as much as I love her! (LOL, my wife is already calling her my "mistress" and I can't wait to start spoiling her.)

    She is a 2007 Vista Blue GT Convertible California Special and she is most definitely the car I was meant to drive. Aside from the normal CS stuff, we are rocking sweet billet front grilles and a custom, one of a kind (AFAIK) black and BLUE two-tone leather interior. That is really what made my pants tight when I saw her for the first time, sitting there all blue and shiny. As I walked up to this pleasant surprise find on a local lot I was smitten immediately. Then when I saw the California Special moniker on the tail badge, I started to get excited. But when I opened the door and saw this interior ... well, let's just say I almost needed a cold shower!

    I immediately started working out finance details in my head and decided then and there that this beauty would be moving in with me in a week or less. As I am a resolute man of conviction, I made it happen 6 days later and am sitting here in the afterglow.

    I will post some pictures as soon as I am able, but I want to thank you nice folks for being a party to my obsession.
  2. welcome aboard!