Fellas Please Help.. Desperate to keep the car on the road!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by The Hitman, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. I don't have alot of time left before this "rejection" sticker grounds me.. I'm pleading.. if any of you have the steel tube that goes from the AIR hoses to the H-Pipe please let me know here or at [email protected].
  2. Let me check my garage, I may have it...
  3. I am pretty sure I still have the piece that you need, its the metal tube that goes from the rubber air hoses, bends down, and around and such, and connects to the h-pipe via a rubber hose connection. I remember I had to cut it off the h-pipe because I couldn't pry the rubber hose off of it to remove it from the h-pipe. I still think it should be long enough because I think I only cut the extension from the h-pipe and not the metal air tube. No digi cam, or else I would take some pics for you...
  4. Dude...I have that pc right upstairs in the garage...I figured you'd find one easy enuf so i didn't offer it up....I can sent it asap, unless Fastman is closer..
  5. I'm in Oklahoma. Rio, if you think you can get it to him faster, then have at it man. But if I need to send it out, I can do.
  6. Best I can do is to ship it Thursday A.M.....Mines was cut to remove it, when i did the smog pump i got sick of fiddling with it and used a pipe cutter bout 16" outta the H pipe...No biggie really, It''ll be easier to install...will need to scab a small pc of hi-temp hose thats all...

    Hitman...PM me a shipping address....if you still in need of it...i have all the stuff to make those smog connections,,Its all stashed away if your missing anything else...
  7. Rio Sent you a PM.
    Fastman.. PM me if you can find your steel tube.. I'll take it too.. Maybe I can make one out of two if one is too short.. :D
  8. Are you trying to pass smog? If you are just buy a new check valve ($20 at Kragens) and run heater hose from there to your h pipe. Thats what I did and I pass the visual and breather. And I live in California. If it works in Cali it should work anywhere!
  9. i have that pipe as well, but it looks like you are pretty well covered. if you still need it, let me know.
  10. man, i feel for you guys that have to put up with that emissions crap.all we do here is renew our tags either online or by mail. they gave up on the actual inspection years ago.
  11. Hitman...Here's what i have.....The H pipe was cut only, no lenght taken out of it, so its the OEM lenght....just have to tie it back in...Bout impossible to get the mother out with the motor in anyway....

    I don't really want to part with this stuff....If you want to use it to pass inspection, then send it all back...thats fine with me,Its all in working order...

    Your currently "smog-free" anyway...correct???

    Let me know....

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  12. Well Rio if you dont' want to part with it then don't worry. Thanks though! :D
    I just need it to pass a visual inspection.. they won't check it.. but all the connections have to be there.
    Green 94 5.0 - If you have that pipe and are willing to give it up then let me know.
    I've had no definate replies on the other stuff so if anyone has it and is willing to permenantly part with it then let me know. I need it soon.
  13. Cool....My offer still stands if your in a bind....I hate to part with it, then need for the same reason as you..... :bang:
  14. sent you am e-mail on the stuff that i DO have.

    sorry for the delay i have been pretty preoccupied with dissasembling my tranny etc.

  15. whew, im glad ive got a guy who just gives me a sticker when inspection time comes around....

    Anthony :banana: