Fender Bender :(

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  1. Got in an accident the other day stupid tourist braked hard as hell when the light turned yellow...not too bad my bumper is fine but my hood and right headlight are done for. Buddy at a junkyard gave me a hood and I ordered a light so hopefully get it fixed soon...Also don't want to involve insurance cause the car still runs perfectly fine it seems it just needs a new hood/light and a repainted bumper..

    but anyways I have 2 questions
    1. The hood is bent so it wont open. The latch inside wont budge. Any idea what to do to get off the old hood?
    2. The passenger airbag came out. I cut if off but the metal box is still out of the dash and I tried pushing it back in but it won't go back in...is there a certain way to do this til I get my airbag replaced? Thanks

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  2. The air bag is held by two bolts, attached to the dash board frame.
    take off the glove box door and go in from the rear.
    you'll also need to disconnect the air bag connector, you'll see it back there.
  3. Thanks Davis.

    Also could anyone post a link for a replacement of the two flaps that the passenger airbag comes out of on the dash? thanks
  4. Since you are ditching the hood, what I did before when I was in a fender bender in my Bronco was take a grinder or the like and cut yourself a straight line from front corner to front corner of the hood just above the headlights, that will allow you to raise the hood except the forward portion that overhangs the front and then unlatch the remaining piece once you can see it.
  5. The flaps are apart of the air bag.
    you either need a new air bad or an airbag delete.

    (I happen to have a passenger side air bag for sale. PM for details.)
  6. Thanks stangr. Will do it when im back home on sunday