Fender Flaring?

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  1. i would love to put the bubble style fender flair on my II. i hear that MAS has a type of bubble flair that way you can use some pop rivets to hold them on. i like the look of the bubble flairs with exposed rivets and a small cowl induction hood, old day road racing. please ask MAS if they have this type of flair for the II. i'm so close to pulling my motor and selling the body, but if MAS has the flairs then maybe no. how about some flairs, a fuel cell out back, a small aluminum rear spoiler, front spoiler and the cowl hood. just like the 1965 mustang that maier shows on there site but with a II. i think there bubble flairs are like 75 dollars for the pair:shrug: .hey 393boss let use know what MAS has to say about there bubble universal flair.:nice:
  2. I phoned MAS and ordered a set front+rear ($260 for all 4) for the mid 70's camaro/firebird (they should be like the black one above), they will ship monday with a new catalog. They said they have flares for the mustang II but I have an idea I want to try with the other ones. I would just give them a call yourself about the universals. Most of there flares are $59ea for front and $69ea for rears, they got glass bumper listed too for the II for $79ea.

    I have always loved the old 60's gasser A/FX race cars and thought... what if a mustang II street car was done this way with 14x32 tires. The problem would be you can't have the tires hanging out on the top, the flares should fix this. I guess we will see when they come.


  3. when you do get them you have to post some pics with the flairs taped on the II. wow they would probably look awesome:nice:
  4. JOEY hey, sorry about your BONDO bucket. I am not against it(bondo). Heck mine has alot in it ,it's just that it is spread out all over the car.When you referred to it as "copius " amounts it just sounded like alot!!!
    :jaw: So if you guys are into the new epoxy space age correctly applied copious amounts of bondo, Why don't you get 2 five gallon buckets and make your own flares???????? Heck maybe I will even buy a pair from you, NOT.
  5. Don't tempt me past my strength. ;)

    I'd make them out of fiberglass and fair them in with bondo/resin, though. Hmm. . . ..

    No offense taken.
  6. Probably the more modern way to "build-up" a flare or other body feature would be to glue on lots of urethane foam, shave it down to the correct shape, cover with fiberglass, and finish.

    People that are doing this in order to make a mold end up using body filler to get a perfectly smooth surface, cover it with mold release agent, then cover with fiberglass to make the female mold.

    Here are a couple of websites that cover fiberglass products and projects:
  7. I am glad there was no offense taken, sorry just a bad day I guess,. So instead of a 70's flare, why not tub?? Just curious. I know tubbing is not done as much as when I had my 79 pro streeter, but it is still cool. ( not on 74 through 78 muzzys though, I think the body looks funny with big meats under it) Hey why not FRONT WHEEL DRIVE with big flares like the rice racers do??You have to admit , it would be different, which is what I think you are after!!
    :jaw: :eek:
  8. hey 393BOSS have you gotten the flairs yet? would love to see them pinned on the II.:nice:
  9. Nope, I am expecting the parts to show up next week, I will try and get pics of them taped on the car along with that old can-am flare kit.
  10. Well I got the flares from MAS today, I ordered the wrong ones (stage I flares) LOL:D, I already phone them and got another set coming. They don't have any updated catalogs yet. These ones are not bad and I could use them but I want the bigger stage IIIones. Here are some quick pics for now, I am a bit short on time right now.



    I want to lift the flares up for 30+ tall slicks


    You can see the simular body curve from the camaro and mustang body.


    this is what the stage III ones look like


    And again MAS lists parts for 74-78 mustang II's

    Type I front/rear mustang II flares
    front spoiler
    rear spoiler
    one piece front (less hood)
    trunk lid

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  11. hey 393BOSS could you possibly tape on a front fender flair and show a pic of that view also? they do look sweetttttttttt. if thats stage 1 i could'nt imagine what stage 3 looks like.that is exactly the look i'm looking for, thanks so much for all of the pics:nice:
  12. I will take more pics next week, the car has got junk all over it, a bit busy with work to fart around right now. I will take more pics of the new flares when they come too.


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  13. please dont forget to post the pics of the stage III flairs. money is in hand and just waiting to order the right ones.:nice:
  14. I am expecting to get the new flares by the end of the week and I will post some pics. honestly I don't think what I want to do will work for you, I am planning on using a 30" tall 18.50 wide tire with a 14" wide wheel. I would suggest buying the stage I 3" flares listed that are molded for the mustang II that should work for most 8" to 10" wheels.
  15. i plan on putting on the rear a N50-15 tire on a 15x10 wheel and up front a G70-15 tire and a 15x7 wheel.with some type of flair not only to make it wider but also to add some radius to the wheel well. on the maier racing site they have a picture of a 1965 mustang with competion style flairs that looks so cool:nice: .
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  17. OK, now I got flares on the brain again lol... I started to think about the body shapes and remembered back when I bought that imsa camaro/firebird kit to try on the mustang II That I was also looking at trying the imsa monza kit also, the company just did not have any stock at that time so I got the other one. The body shape is also simular (maybe more so) to the mustang II.


    They made bubble flares for it too.


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  18. the one's that are on the green camaro are exactly what i'm looking for. are they the stage III flairs that you are waiting for? if so you've got to post the pics of them taped on the car:nice:
  19. hey 393BOSS, anything yet with the new stageIII flairs? just wondering:nice: