Ferrari Rims...?

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  1. so i was looking at this......



    ....and i am bored, and got to thinkin' this :D



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  2. suppose i approve
  3. lol i was about to say " You got bored so you bought Ferrari rims? Ballin!" lol
  4. I'd assume they would be nice n lightwieght
  5. dude...i like that
    def +1
  6. That looks sick, & different!!!:nice:
  7. Insane .. lol i always thought it would be cool to put on a set of Ferrari rims ...
  8. Cool little center caps
  9. This guy got these 360 Modena wheels to fit on a fox...this car is clean...The ferarri wheels arent as nice, but its a [email protected]$$ Fox 4 sure...





  10. haha damn that actually looks pretty good!
  11. I always loved that Fox ever since I saw the article in 5.0 mag...It was built by the dude who started Chicane sport tuning, & he used to work 4 Saleen....One of the coolest things about the car is the Ferrari wheels & how he fabricated his own coil on plug setup with parts sourced from a 99-04 GT.... Since when have u ever seen a 5.0 without a cap, rotor, & sparkplug wires in the front of the motor?





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  12. looks cool. I can't imagine what you would have to pay for them though.
  13. wow! I like them, very unique
  14. i like em! i dont know if i would tell anyone that they are off a ferarri unless they ask lol
  15. My uncle has some BBS's on his Ferrari. I forget what tire size is on the rears but it makes my 315's look like 245's.
  16. Ya know, with the trend of ever increasing rim (diameter) size, why dont we do our own thing for all to laugh at...go for 22" WIDE the word "steamrollers" new meaning. Do some huge a$$ offset so they stick out into the next lane and clean the gutters.

    JK of course
  17. Did I say 22"?

    How about 40"?:rlaugh: :p :notnice: :nonono:


    I never did care for the Tri-spoke look anyway.

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  18. Looks pretty good I always liked that Ferrari wheel/tire setup. I was thinking of running a 20x10.5back/18x9front on the 01. For that Muscle Machines diecast look. that Regal is just Super Duper Fly YO!
  19. Looks like his springs haven't settled correctly ;)

    Leaning FTL.
  20. Dang man , those look pretty sick.