~Few Pics From Todays Detail~

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  1. Simply amazing!!!!!
  2. im speeeechless im crying cause i love your car so much and im drooling like well you know, a geek looking a nude pics on the web and not know what to do with
  3. I hope some day my car can look anywhere near as good as yours does, your car is always brought up in detailing/cleaning convo's with my friends.

  4. I'm sure your 05 turned out great !
  5. I'd sell my soul to have a car like that... :D
  6. Yep. That was me. Good meeting you. :cheers:

    LOL. Just come up to Dallas! I have already worked on a guys car from Killeen that came up here for me to work on it.

    I will have to check that out. Thanks.

    LOL.... Thanks.

    Thanks for the compliment. :cheers:

    Sold! LOL... J/K. Thanks man. :cheers:
  7. I'll probably check it out too. Thing is I don't think the brand of products is as important as experience and technique and stuff like that. Could be wrong.
  8. If you polished with the SSR1 to remove swirls, you shouldn't need a glaze. You should do the SSR1, then a sealant like Jetseal or Blackfire, then the wax.

    I'm in no way a pro detailer, but everything I've read indicates a glaze is meant to fill/hide swirls, which you shouldn't have after the polish.

    Looks great, but I think the sealant/wax method would last longer than the glaze/wax method.