Progress Thread Few Pics of My Progress

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  1. Just thought I would share a few pics of my project. Currently I am rocking a 95 V5 (yes, I said V5 so it's time for a swap). My first engine build and I am quite proud so far. It's a 68 302 J code block, .030 over, Edelbrock Performer cam, intake, carb, and timing chain, E7 heads with oversize valves, Moroso 7qt pan, and Summit HEI distributor, and March underdrive pulleys. Those shortys aren't staying, I will be ordering long tubes soon. 75141_108669825869395_1863534_n.jpg 154946_108669805869397_4865145_n.jpg 549692_416547301748311_365909532_n.jpg 12254_416418298427878_1383280413_n.jpg 560929_416547361748305_1952586204_n.jpg 559057_416509938418714_1300008252_n.jpg
  2. Looks pretty good. Did you have any port work done on those E7s or just bigger valves? That timing cover will not work with your stock water pump and accessories.

  3. Sadly there was no port work, but they were a gift from my dad so I didn't pay for them. The timing cover and pulley kit i ordered are for an 85 GT. From what I can find out the 85 GTs use the same alternator and power steering pump as my 95 V6 so it saves me a little bit. I am going today to go get some some cheap plugs, water pump, and fuel pump to plug the holes until my C4 is rebuilt.
  4. Yeah, the killer is the water pump. You can use a water pump for a 93'- Mustang, but it's 3" longer than the 94'-95'. It makes radiator clearance really tight. I am wondering why someone would put bigger valves in stock heads and not do any port work. Usually the port the heads and leave the stock valves in.

  5. Didn't think about the water pump possibly being longer. If all else fails I'll see about getting a low profile fan. As far as the heads go I have no idea. The guy supposedly builds dirt track and drag cars and knows what he's doing but I've never met him. You wouldn't possibly know if the 95 GT water neck will fit that carbureted intake would you? Would like to know that I can just by a stock GT hose when I need it.
  6. I have no idea about the heads. I suspect if he knows what he's doing, then he probably did some bowl work at least. It certainly doesn't hurt at this point to give them a run and see how it turns out. I can tell you for sure that the water neck will work no problem. A stock GT upper radiator hose will also work. There have been other people who have gotten that longer water pump to work with the stock fan with a little dremel work.

  7. Looks good. Keep up the good work, and keep posting pics!
  8. Thank you for the compliment. I am currently at a stand still due to the holidays and my pockets being drained. Only thing left is the transmission and to figure out the water pump issue.
  9. I hope the porch floor is sturdy.
  10. My parents' old porch was super raggedy but it managed to hold an old Buick 3.8, a Chevy 305 roller, and 2 Olds 350s. What I am more concerned about is how we are getting it down the steps to the driveway... :shrug:
  11. Lol. way to think that through! A few guys should be able to walk it down the steps. I managed to get my shortblock on the stand and rolled it down two steps into my garage from the kitchen all by my lonesome. She almost took a spill, not gonna lie!
  12. My grandpa was a truck driver back in the day and my grandma happened to have one of his old ramps laying around. We used the ramp to get it in the back of mom's Mighty Max so it was low enough for the hoist to reach.
  13. This is actually going much smoother than I would have thought. I got the long tubes instead of the shorties, ordered some 5/16 steel fuel line so I don't have rubber going everywhere, and instead of the water pump being too long I found out the the crank pulley was just too short so I ordered a spacer. I had the brackets on wrong and it through me off. Tomorrow we get to drop the tank and pull the fuel pump out and hopefully get the crossmember under the transmission.
    71582_430639227005785_1378401643_n.jpg 321415_442954565774251_1995709743_n.jpg 603110_442954835774224_74979696_n.jpg
  14. I guess you got it off the porch ok.

  15. Yes, and no one died much to my amazement.
  16. Sounds awesome, now you have an excuse to buy a cowl hood.