Few qs about turbo 2.3s

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  1. will the stock block take a turbo(say a garret to4b out of a diesel truck)? how much do new injectors cost and where can i get them? What does a stock 2.3 run in the quarter with this turbo? I am just wondering because i hope to turbo my 2.3 to get a lil more kick out of my DD. Thanx for any info.
  2. Do a search "turbo swap". You dont want to turbo your naturally aspirated motor.

    New injectors 150-300$ for a set of 4 depending on what kind you get.

    Yes a big diesel turbo *could* work, but you need to do more research on what the benifits verse draw backs of running a turbo that size.
  3. Odds are, the turbo has a HUGE exhaust side that won't work on the 2.3...and it's got a T4 flange which nobody makes a header for.
  4. well thanksguys in that case i will just buy a 351 and a drop it into my notch and put my turbo on it.
  5. oh and what is the average 2.3 t do in the quarter?
  6. The 351 would be a lot harder of a swap, especially with the turbo.

    Lightly modded 2.3T (because who keeps it stock?) can get you about mid 14's or so with no real trouble. Past that, the only limits, as with anything, are your budget and skill.

  7. i can do the 351 though, i have done before on my friends car. and i can get a 351 motor and keep it na until i get enought funds to throw a turbo on it but the 2.3 would cost about the same.
  8. oh and do you all hav any vids or sound clips of 4 cyls T or na with diff exhaust setups
  9. ok a turbo swap is easy and once you go turbo 2.3 you wont go back..

    becides wouldent it be intresting to have your 5.0 and your 2.3T sitting next to each other instead of the over done swap the 2.3 out for a v8.

    oh and if you do swap to a v8 dont ask us about how to swap.
  10. When did i ask how to do a v8 swap. didnt i mention in a previous post that i have done it before. jeez I swear some of you can't read. oh and why would i ask 2.3 guys how to do a swap for a 351? I am not retarded.
  11. 12's in a stock 2.3 turbo mustang is extremely easy.

    Check my site for exhaust sounds and movies.
  12. No, just 140CILX-Coupe.
    EDIT: Thought I should let it be known I'm only messing around before he tries to flame me.
  13. Consider yourself smarter than a lot of people then, because we get a fair amount of idiots asking "how do I swap my 2.3 for a 5.0?" in here. Hmm...if we knew, we wouldn't be hanging out in the 2.3 section, now would we? Pet peeve of a lot of us, that's all.

  14. Actually I do have a hard time reading, my teacher at school told me I have a selective something I dont know.
  15. HaHaHa! I've heard of selective hearing ... I don't know what you would have?
  16. Driving around N/A on a blower motor sounds kinda boring to me. I would wait until I got all my parts/money before I did anything.
  17. selective reading I dont know....

    I see words differently sometimes its not dyxlexic(sp) but I dont know its weard
  18. 140's right. once you sit in the drivers seat of the 2.3t, you wont go back.
    the pull of the turbo and sound of it spooling up is very addicting. and who wants to drive around a motor that sucks up 3X more fuel and is slower? plus the turbo swap is 99% easier and 99% cheaper.