~Few Quick Pics~

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  1. Here's a few quick pics I took earlier. I wanted to take a few more but ran out of light. Let me know what you think.





  2. :nice:Nice car!:hail2: Those have gotta be some of the best looking pics I have seen on here. What kind of camera are you using?
  3. Thanks. Nikon D80.
  4. What wheels are those???
  5. True Forged Chicane RS 2 Piece Polished. 18 X 9 front w/265-35-18 and 18 X 10 rear w/ 295-35-18 Goodyear GS-D3's.
  6. Nice choice. Not many "non-mustang" wheels look great...but those look incredible.

    Where did you buy them from? I am wondering if they have other offsets as i wouldn't be putting them on a Mustang
  7. How much are they? Look like HREs, so i expect they cost like them too.
    They dont have any prices on their web site.
  8. Thanks. I bought them from Steve @ True Forged. http://www.trueforgedwheels.com/wheels.html

    They will make you whatever offset you want. I went with a different offset than stock for the rear to bring the wheel flush with the fender. I don't like the way the stock rears tend to "tuck" in.

    These run around $2800 for this set for 2 piece and 3200-3800 for 3 piece. They are made at the same factory as IForged, Boze Forged, ZE Forged, etc..... They are made in the exact way HRE makes their wheels, they just don't cost $1200 ea. :eek:
  9. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

    dood.....don't take this the wrong way....but your car is my desktop background :drool:

  10. :flag::hail2::nice:

    Your car never ceases to amaze me!!!!
  11. how often do you drive your car?..... just curious....
  12. Ive gotta ask the same question. Seems like he cleans it and takes pics then parks it till next time he wants pics. haha. Sick car you have there.
  13. Thanks.

    Thanks man. I appreciate it. :cheers:

    I drive my car every weekend.

    I do wipe it down after I drive it and it sleeps under a cover in the garage. :nice:

    It has 16K miles on it.
  14. Here's a few recent pictures of the engine BTW:

  15. :drool::drool:

    Awesome car man :nice:
  16. damn, that is one sexy beast!
  17. where did you get the CF cover?
  18. That's one of the nicest Cobras I've ever seen! Nice!
  19. Gawd that car is ugly, why do you keep posting pics of that abomination :fuss:
    Do you ever clean it? Its so freaking dirty :mad:

    JK Kevin, once again View attachment 313989 gotta clean the keyboard.

    Hey whats up with the new intake? It looks killer but I kinda prefer the old one. I know lots of guys have it but it was such a nice addition cause like everything else on your sweet ride it matched perfectly. I guess the carbon fibre just looks a little out of place. But knowing you im sure there was a very logical and well thought out reason behind it.
    Oh and I really like the black IC resivoire :nice: The other one was more showey but this new one looks sinister :hail2: ......... holy crap do I see yet ANOTHER new set of pullies? :rlaugh: I think with the new subdued look you have going under the hood that the last set you had that were black would look a little better :shrug:
    That engine bay just blows me away. I spent hours, hell days on the Termis engine bay and cant come close to that level of clean. There isnt even "spots" on the battery terminals :nonono:

    Kevin, you are my hero :D

    The Termi should be sold tomorrow and im picking up a Fox so eaither this weekend or next Ill drive up for another get together and show off the new toy :nice:
    Prolly next weekend so I can spend a week cleaning it so I dont feel so inferior parking next to you again :rlaugh:
    Besides there were some sweet 5.0s there and some really cool dudes that im sure could give me some pointers for the new Fox, a 90 black on black LX :nice: