Few short vids from the track this weekend

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  1. Well the track opened this weekend and we took advantage of it. Here's a fwew vids we made. I know there slow in comparison to others on the forums, but I assure you it was fun.

    1st vid is me in right lane. Running against a friend in his wife's 2005 Mustang GT convert 5spd. Only mods are mufflers to the 2005

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    2nd vid is the same race but from in car. My brother-in-laws GF rode alond to see how it was.

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    3rd Is me running against a 1995 GT mods (so he says) are gears, and exhaust.

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    Also to let you guys know that I beat my best time this weekend.
    slip as follows

    r/t .115
    60' 2.278
    330 6.091
    mph 60.39
    1/8 9.269 :nice: :flag:
    mph 77.14

    Is it possible that me putting that O/R H-pipe on dropped my time a 10th. I ran another 9.3 and a few 9.4's also.
  2. Nice runs, but from what I have learned at the track, a dry hop after the burnout will actually take some bite out of the tires!
  3. Do you mean when I back up and jump it once before pulling to the line?:shrug: I was seeing if it was gonna grab. Your saying dont do that.?
  4. yes thats what hes saying but i do a dry hop and it just seems to work better for me average 60'......... 1.63 on et streets:nice:
  5. If I keep the RPM"S low enough I dont have an issue with traction. Im launching around 2k, I have found anything above and I break loose.
  6. I have found and all the racers I race with seem to think dry hops just take the heat out of the tires. If it works for you then do it, I have never dry hopped and got a better 60', and have never seen or heard a racer do it or say it helps.

    What kind of 60's were you hitting? It almost sounds like you could use more RPM and clutch slip to get better 60's!

  7. r/t .115
    60' 2.278
    330 6.091
    mph 60.39
    1/8 9.269 Heres my time slip. Dont exactly know how the clutch slip thingworks:shrug: I assume you mean to ride the clutch some to keep from spinning. I'm still a rookie when it comes to dragracing:D 25th I wasn't doubting your knowledge at all, I am actually taking note. Thanks. Keep in mind the little amount of mods that I have.