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  1. I just thought I would post that Maier has a fiberglass sale on till the end of oct, I ordered the imsa/monroe body kit for the mustang II for $1260 USD along with a bunch of other goodies today.

  2. hey i went to thier web page nothing for the mustang ii that i could find... is this something you have to ask for? because i would really like a monroe front air dam
  3. YUP, for anyone thats interested you have to call them up for info. I have some of Maiers old catalogs that has the Monroe stuff advertised in it but there seems to be lots of stuff that I see in there old catalogs thats not on there web site.

    Don't forget SALE ends end of october
  4. i would love to put on a set of their competition style flairs on my II.
  5. Do you know what all is in the Monroe Handler kit? I know it comes with a front valance/spoiler and a bigger spoiler for the deck/hatch, but what other parts are there? I asked the manufacturer but they said that although the kit is still available, they have no photos available, and gave me a contact to order the kit. (makes me wonder if it is available why is it such a secret?)
  6. Not sure what you mean by secret?, there are lots of pics all over the net with these kits on them. When I get my kit and parts I will post some pics of all of it. I have worked with many of Maiers and other fiberglass parts over the years. I have found there stuff to be good if not better than most others. The Monroe kit has 7 parts... 2 fenders, 1 front valance, 2 quarter skins, 1 center deck lid rear spoiler, 1 rear valance. For all my stuff including the monroe imsa kit it will take 4 to 6 weeks + shipping. I am guessing you phoned the suspension dept, the fiberglass dept has a diffrent number 510-581-7600. Just a note, most kits like this are not for beginers and should be left to a bodyman or qualified person to install. looks like Maier has also extened there sale.

    Lots more monroe pics here.
  7. Not that the Handler itself is a secret, but you would think Maier would list it's body kit on their website or in a catalog or something. Just seems odd.
  8. 393 Boss
    How much longer did they extend the sale?
    I have a 77 Cobra thats is rust free with a few dents that screaming Monroe handler.Motors a V6 auto(not for long),white/blue stripes,white interior,got it cheap.
  9. It says on there site till end of december.
  10. blt4u2c
    Where in Alberta are you?
  11. My parts came in on monday, no problems with the shipping, got 3 boxes in total, parts were all in plastic rap . The monroe handler kit came all in one box about 6ft by 2-1/2ft by 1-1/2ft. Everything looks good, glass quality is good and is what I expected. Boy now the real work will begin lol, again most fiberglass parts are not for beginers to install and are best left to a bodyman that has worked with glass. Overall I am really happy with everything.


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  12. i hate to say this but those parts in the picture are not " monroe handler" parts for a mustang ii. they look like parts for a shelby mustang like maybe for a 1969 year. sorry to say that:shrug:
  13. You are correct, I also ordered a shelby front end and other parts for my machI that I am going to finish converting. The mustang II Monroe kit is sitting in front of and beside the shelby hood in the pic.:D

    The new plan for the monroe II kit is for a tube frame, maybe a "super gas" extended wheel base style chassis with 14 inch wide wheels with M/T 29X18.50-15 tires on the rear and 6" wide wheels on front. Also possibly a flip front end for a blown 393 cleveland with C6 or posssibly a clutch C6. the look I am going for will be simular to this model pic. I want to try and keep the weight at or under 3000pounds rtr.