fiberglass cowl hood

Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by alcino, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. Had this for a year and never got around to installing it. Now that I'm married, I need the money and the room. This is a custom Showcars Bodyparts 75-78 "bolt-on" hood. I have over $500 in it. Would like $350obo + shipping.
    let me know
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  2. Sold your hood yet?
    If not can you box it up and give me a weight and dimensions.
    If you would do that I can arrange for a commercial pickup.
    It will be less costly if I could have it picked up at a business address.
    Let me know.

    Bellingham, WA:
  3. I still have it. Was going to ebay this weekend.

    About 28 pounds.

    your post only mentions shipping it. I hope your going to buy it as
  4. Actually I thought I might rent.

    Is it possible to pick it up from a business address?
    Guess if I want it you will insist I buy

    Have a good one:D

  5. email and pm sent
  6. HOOD

    Did you ever sell the hood for the mustang ii? Is there a #/time where I can call you? Thanks Roger
  7. Sorry, its been sold. Guess you would have to go to Showcars bodyparts

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