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  1. Has anyone dealt with the complete fiberglass front clips like the ones found at US body source.

    Is there any one else out there that makes these for a reasonable price. How are the fits, are they sturdy enough for a street ride. I'm not going to the track every weekend I just like it for the wow factor and I have always thought they were an interesting idea. I know they do not look show car quality, but neither does the rest of my car. I want something that is fun to drive and looks good 50/50
  2. i have never bought one from this company ,but you will probably find these to be race car aplication and not up to street car standards. the last one i bought looked great on my race car but took a lot of work to get it there. they are very thin for light weight and very flimsy.though good for a racer i would not put one on a street car.
  3. I was wishing to hear something different than that. I really would like to see some detailed pictures of some from that company if someone had them do one for race or whatever.
  4. I got their aero hood. attached are some before and after pics of fitment. It was close, I had to add some to the front to get it to line up with the head lamp buckets. Any glass you get will need work. I found it easier than metal work (and I had done neither before I did my car). It just takes patience. I will say the hood is very thin. I street drive my car. I always wanted the entire front end to be glass, but figured it wasn't practical. Unless you fab up a mount that lets the entire thing tilt off, it will be a pain anytime you want to get to the motor. The website has examples of tilt off, but it probably isn't as easy as they describe. With mine I have to pull the hood off. It isn't to bad, but couldn't imagine the entire front end just to check the oil or what ever. It also looks like they have a heavier version of it too. At that point I would just consider aftermarket fenders. I got cheap repo ones, they are very thin. I don't think the weight difference would be significant at that point. Good luck.

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  5. to horse sence you listen. if you are looking for a "deal" on fiberglass parts, beware that often times they will be very thin race car parts and not designed for the rigors of street driving. street fiberglass parts are going to be at least twice as thick as race car fiberglass, and much heavier as well. US body source has been around for sometime though, and seem to be a good company to deal with. they do sell good quality fiberglass, again as long as you remember to buy the street car parts, or reinforce the race car glass.
  6. dont get me wrong,i have installed a lot of fiberglass i am simply saing that these pieces are usualy built for race cars not for street .my drag car had a fiberglas front end one piece with a removable hood ,though it looked good it would not have been practicle for a street car. just to thin and flimsy and the fit was not what you would want on a street car and would be a pain in the butt if you had to work on it away from home. your best bet would be to get the pieces for street use and glass them together . you also have to remember that the fenders on a 65-66 are also some what part of the structure. so you would need to do some front end reinforcing.
  7. i dont know if you have seen the fiberfab front clips that were made for the 65-66 . i bought one of the coppies from VFN .they only sell the one piece front for racing. it is very thin , for raceing ,and i could just about push my fingers through the front of it setting in the sun. i was going to do a 65 coupe but it would need at least 2 layers laid in side to stiffen it up and there is no bracket to reinforce the end of the fender up to the door ,it's just the outer skin. it would either have to be a tilt front end or completely removable. i new this when i bought it . i was going to cut the hood out and make an underbrace for it so the hood could open but i just didnt have the time .it is strait, just not realy practicle for a street car the way it is . i have it setting on my 69 just to keep it out of the way. _MG_3340.JPG _MG_3342.JPG
  8. horse sense i agree with you wholeheartedly. i have also installed, or helped install, a fair amount of fiberglass and it was pretty much all race car stuff. the few street pieces i helped install were always much heavier than the race car stuff.
  9. I was looking at it and the clip would have to add brackets and fiberglass to work on the car. So how bad would it be to add a layer or two inside of the clip when you were laying more glass?
  10. it could be done but it would be better if it were still in the mold. if it doesnt fit in any way such a spread or bowed it will stay that way only it would be stiffer with the added layers, it should be jiged to the proper alignment then the layers added. will the company make a thicker piece if asked?