fiberglass hoods from 269.99!!!!

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  1. Free shipping for Cowl Hoods?

    Also who makes these hoods and how is the fit. Price is real good but have heard so many horror stories on cheaper (Than Cervini's) hoods......
  2. We do not ship hoods for free,the manufacturer we use has really good quality hoods. Every product sell gets inspected by me before we choose to carry it.

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  3. Hood Quality & Pics

    Hey there from the N00b...

    I have dealt with MCRParts a few times now, for a few items.

    One of the items I received was a hood. I had it shipped direct to the body shop that was "resurrecting" My stang. The fit was fantastic, with no work needed before prep and paint.

    Some pics:


  4. Hey don't I know you 2 from another forum? lol