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  1. I've searched past threads and read a lot of bad comments about suppliers and manufactures with bad hoods, have not read anything good. Does anyone make a quality hood? I would like 2-3 inch cowl or '67 style hood scoop for my "65. Thanks.
  2. I've got a shelby hood made by Dave Brownlow, Brownlow Performance, 604-942-6719, in Vancouver BC. I wouldn't hesitate to buy anything from him again. He is a standup honest person. My hood fit as good as a steel one. It took very little blocking and a little primer and it was ready to go. He can build you one with a steel frame or a fiberglass frame with kevlar (or carbon fiber, can't remember which) to make it stronger. I believe he does 67 Shelby fiberglass also so maybe he can do that scoop on a 65.

    I wasted a ton of $ on a Branda hood that was crap. They weren't interested in hearing about any problems it had (or the side scoops). I wouldn't reccommend that route.

    I'm heading out of town in morning, let me know if you would like a couple of pics and I can post them Monday.

  3. Same here, I wish that I would have bought everything from him. I spent weeks fixing my f/g trunk which I maybe saved $50 on. Same with my 49$ fleaBay side scoops, junk full of voids and air pockets.

    x2 on Dave
  5. i just got a look at a new K.A.R.S. ad, and they offer a 67 shelby style hood for the 65-66... knowing their rep, i dont think they would sell a hood the quality of most of the others out there... reenmachine could tell you for sure!
  6. Thanks guys, any pics would be helpful, I'll also drop reenmachine a note.
  7. I wasn't going to pipe in with the shameless plug, but since you asked...

    Due to having the same frustrations as everybody else with fiberglass hood fitment K.A.R. is now having their own made from their own tooling created from a perfect original steel hood. I have not yet tried one personally, but they claim they are a bolt-on fit. I do know that they rejected the first few samples from their manufacturer because they weren't just right, so it seems they're being picky about fitment. You'll have to block it down and prepare the surface for paint just like any other, but the fit and dimensions will be correct.

    I'm going to put one on my '66 this spring and then I'll know for sure. They've shipped a ton of them with no complaints though.
  8. I bought StangaHolic stuff, it's relaly nice. I've always heard nothing but great things about them.
  9. I must agree. I know them personally and they are first-class folks.
  10. Thanks again for your input, and it's a shameless plug if the stuff works, that's why I asked. I just don't want to drop $400 for a hood then put $400 into it to fix it. I may be going the K.A.R. route. Thanks.
  11. 65-247...

    Did you ever get that KAR Fiberglass hood? I was all set to purchase a 2 1/2 Cowl from MustangUnlimited and they were backed ordered until June.

    I would love to know if you did get it and what you thought?

    Also what did shipping cost.


    Peter S.
  12. K.A.R. has the cowl hoods now as well. They usually have them on eBay (seller karmustang) but I think someone hit the BIN on the cowl one. I'm sure there will be another up there w/in a couple of days. The reason I bring it up is that there will be detailed pics there of the hood and its fitment.
  13. Reenmachine I just spoke to Kevin (Kevin is from K.A.R. for those of you who don't know) He was very nice and very helpfull. I will be calling him back soon to purchase, I'll also keep an eye out on eBay. And yes, reenmachine is correct, K.A.R. does make their own hoods.

    Thanks. Again.

    Peter S.
  14. So does anyone know how K.A.R. worked out? I need a fiberglass hood and I don`t want a peice of junk either.
  15. I got one from Dynacorn, total crap, it'll probably take me 100 hours to get it right :bang:
  16. I went with stangaholics spoilered deck lid and end caps and couldn`t be more pleased with the product, it was easy as pie, took like 2 hours including the bondo work to shape them up. I want a 67 shelby style for my 65, and they don`t sell them or I`d know where to go.
  17. i have a 4'' cowl hood from excellent quality hood is straight, no waves, metal reinforcement on the mounting points. good prices too !
  18. I bought the 67 Shelby style hood for my 65 from KAR. The rear was too short and I had to lengthen it nearly 1/4". There was a "bend" at the front lip of the hood on the driver's side that I needed to fill. The hood also bowed from front to rear at the outer edges where it met the fenders on both sides of the car. Worst of all, the under support bent after a few months-the frame is only a single layer thick!!! There were other more minor issues too.

    I fixed all this and the hood is beautiful now, but I wouldn't buy another from them.







    Interesting reflection of the clouds:

  19. Yea looks good but they dont have the 67 shelby style hood.
  20. Dennis you have a sweet looking car, grats man, good job.