fiberglass hoods

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  1. I purchased mine from KAR. I didn't think it was too bad. Perfect no, but it's fiberglass.


    If I remember, I'll send another picture soon. My car is getting painted Hot Rod Flatz Black, today!!!
  2. I`m not getting much feedback like I had hoped, looks like choices are meiyer racing (I`ve heard nothing but bad about those guys), K.A.R (has bad rep but could be because they were selling meiyer stuff before they tooled up), and Brownlow, which at $650 is still looking like the best option. If any one has anymore input before I hit the buy button let me know. Thanks.
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  3. I have a meiyr racing hood on my car. The fitment wasn't even close. Had to widen it on each side and cut it half way down the hood on the driverside due to it being to low in the center. We had between 50-60 hrs in bodywork to get it to look descent.
  4. I've about made my mind up to just get a 65 shelby hood from stangaholics, its not quite what I want, but its quality glass thats as good as it gets.
  5. Whenever possible, opt for a steel frame. That insures it won't sag or arch over time.
  6. Well I just bought the 65 shelby hood from stangaholics, they build to order so yall will be hearing from me in about 3 weeks, happy or mad. FYI, the hoods they offer with the steel frame are dynacorn, not made by the same guy that makes their solid fiberglass peices...
  7. Were you happy with the stangaholics hood?
  8. We currently don't make any short hoods for the 65-66 or the 67-68 but will start making all of them this fall. We guarantee the fit and finish on all of our fiberglass or we'll pay the freight back to us.
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  9. local guy in so cal. craigslist makes them and sells them for like 325... the fit was very impressive imo eza8u8yg.jpg

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  10. if it's the one from La Habra , good luck
  11. I got one from mustang depot in lV and it was decent. Not perfect but not bad
  12. We are doing a 65 Shelby clone for a customer, and since we don't make a hood for it yet he ordered one from Branda. It has a steel frame on the underside, but that really don't impress me. When all you have is just 2 layers of fiberglass on top of a steel frame it will warp for sure. We do 3 layers of 1 1/2 oz. on the top side a 2 layers on the underside. That's why our hoods don't warp.
  13. what type of ressin do you use in your hoods?

  14. it is an im very impressed..y do u say that..have they been bad in the past?

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  15. we use the most expensive, iso-resins. Our hoods weigh around 44 lbs compared to most that are around 24 to 28 lbs.
  16. if it is rebel ,yes!