Filler Neck Seal

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  1. I'll be removing the gas tank to change out the fuel pump. What are the chances I'll be able to reuse the filler neck to tank seal? Have any of you ever reused it without leaks?
  2. Slim to none.

    Head to local Ford dealer and pick up one for a 2004. Its the same. Sometimes if you ask for the fox seal, they say discontinued.
  3. Bad idea unless you know it was changed recently.
  4. I got my seal from advance auto. Think it was about 20$
  5. Why would you do that? Man you must like living on the edge or wrenching.:rlaugh:
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  6. You all were correct. The old seal could not be reused. I had a new one on hand luckily.
  7. CJpony parts has them for 16.99 shipped... i know i just had to order one.
  8. I needed one immediately and the local Ford dealer raped me at $29.