Final Tork Tech #s!!

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  2. how much boost?
  3. 12lbs
  4. Congrats on the numbers. Sounds sweet in the video.
  5. Thanks man. Btw the JMS pump booster worked great
  6. Did you use the Hobbs switch or run the booster constant?
  7. Very nice numbers! Enjoy!:nice:
  8. My car still has the same hiccup even after the tune. Seems to happen the most in third. When I step on it in second and shift to third it seems to cut out/hiccup. Do you think it could be a coil pack starting to go bad? I'm on my original coil packs still!
  9. And if I seem to just role through each gear instead of just mash on it, it doesn't seem to happen?
  10. Btw my car is an 01 so I have individual coils on each cylinder
  11. Oh and btw it runs and idles perfectly otherwise and my fuel pressure is perfect
  12. Its likely a tune issue. I've seen a few threads here where others have had the same issue.
  13. If I run wot through all my gears it runs perfectly. It just happens most if I give it a shot in second and role into third

    I think il be buying some new cops and plugs this winter
  14. Could spark blow out be a problem with the NGK TR6 plugs gapped at .032?
  15. i ended up figuring out the problem. its pretty much my own comes down to me not being used to the new stiff clutch
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  16. No
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  17. At least you figured it out before spending money on it.
  18. looks like im going to need to do the pprv delete!
  19. We have PPRV on the GTs or is that just a Cobra thing?
  20. It's on the GTs as well. After researching it, this is what is causing my hiccup and hesitation on hard shifts. Il take care of it in the spring since I can drive around without it affecting me too much. I just wanted to enjoy the car for the remaining part of the year since it was down from march-July