Final Tork Tech #s!!

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  1. dude, unless you get a return style fuel system, your probably always going to have that hiccup. i did the pprv delete, had it retuned and made it very clear to my tuner what was going on, and every now and again if I shift too fast it will still hiccup.

    if you have a fuel pressure gauge you can see whats happening. when you let off the gas all the way - shift - and get back in to it full throttle very quick like, you will notice that the fuel pressure drops pretty significantly for a split second. that split second of 20 to 30ish psi going back in to full boost = an ultra lean condition that causes the car to buck. the pprv delete helps, as did the retune... but its still there.

    because of this, my next project is going to be either a greggs performance or lethal performance return system w/ rails, 60 lb injectors, and an sct baf maf (since it has to be retuned anyway). that will eliminate my hiccup problem and give me a fuel system that will support what i want to do in the future.
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  2. If I end up doing the pprv delete will I need to do a retune? I'm not going to do it until my car goes into my buddies shop to get some other work done to it aswell
  3. no, you dont need a retune, but remember that if you do the pprv delete, you sometimes have to 'prime' the fuel system before the car will start. also, that will not be a fix... it might help a little, thats all.
  4. Just got my pprv delete done. The car now runs 100% perfect. No hiccup whatsoever. Makes the car 10000x as fun!
  5. do 96-98 cars have a pprv?
  6. I would assume so
  7. I would assume not, since the '96-'98 cars use a return style fuel system, like the old Fox bodies did. '98 might be a crap shoot though. They had a little something different going on with their fuel system. I just can't remember off hand what it is though?
  8. The only difference in the fuel system for 1998 is a built-In Fuel Regulator that is integrated into the fuel rail and the 1998 cars use the 99-04 Fuel Pump but are still a return system. I am running a Lincoln Aviator fuel pump in my '98 right now and it plugged right in without any modification.
  9. They not only use the 99-04 pumps, but they vary the voltage in the same way, too. Or at least mine does. Also has a fuel regulator and is a return style, as mentioned.