Build Thread Finally! 89 Notch 2v Swap Progress Thread Project: 89mach1

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  1. that "matting" is whatever the factory put on the wheel well. I know It'll probably have to go because it was originally behind the inner wheel well panel and not intended to get wet.
  2. Other than the carb'd intake manifold and long tube headers, the engine is stock. I plan on installing cams on better heads, but that'll be later, after its painted.
  3. I'm gonna have to be one of those that do. I checked all over the place, and while I can definately get a wider tire, ( all the way up to 315 on that rim) I don't want a 26" tall rear tire. The only chance I'll have is the sidewall is pretty tall, maybe I can get away with it.
  4. Looks interesting... Subscribing.
  5. I REALLY want to see you ideas for 1969 tailights in a foxbody. I tried to do a photoshop of that same thing just last week. My wife didnt like it much though. Also, could you describe your rear coilover set up. it kind of looks like just 1 bolt going sideways into the body from the pic. That doesnt seem strong enough so, Im guessing that Im not looking at it right. I would also like to do rear coilovers so, what spring rate & length are you using?
  6. Very cool!

    As for the 275's remember that both the width and tire height are integral. I had 275/45/17's on my 98 with 10" rims and it was perfect. :nice:
  7. You know I'm surprised after all this time nobody has tried this. I think that the 3 panel mustang tail light is about as iconic as you can get.

    Well I just ordered the 68 tail light panel from Laurel Mtn mustang. 69 panel is way too wide. I also ordered the rear valance and a fiberglass bumper. It's gonna require some uhhh "fab work" to size the taillight panel to get it to fit. I'll use a 69 mach 1 gas filler cap even though gas will still fill through the side like it always has.

    But once its fit, I'll make patch panels that'll blend in the sides where the existing tail lights bend around. I'll make a small upswept spoiler like the Fast back 69 had ( so I'll have a place for the mach1 decal that is supposed to go there...after all, all early fastback mustangs had trunks, not hatches) & I plan to use the rear valance to house the B/U lights like the 68's had and use a fiberglass bumper as I'm sure I'm gonna have to cut it down to size as well.

    The Coil overs have two mount points, There is one 1/2 bolt through the shock eye,and then through a 1" spacer. and a threaded stud welded on top of the spacer running through the factory shock mount The springs are 12" 130lbs
  8. :scratch:

    Tire hieght and width are relative... but like this:

    for instance with a 275/45/17-

    275= tread width in millimeters. this is not variable. The width never changes.

    45= This number represents sidewall height as a percentage of tread width. 45% of of 275 treadwidth=123.75mm. This number DOES vary between series. ie, a 50 would be 137.5mm tall.

    17= wheel diameter in inches.
  9. Exactly my point. Thus saying a 10" wheel and a 275 can work with adequate wall height. Cant go too short, or I guess I am assuming you cant :nice:
  10. I understand. I've decided to put em on anyway. Spoke w/ Nitto and they said it's done all the time w/ the only detriment being possible weird tire wear characteristics (who cares). I'm only gonna drive this thing on the street anyway. I'm not building an autocross-er or road racer, hell, I don't even intend to turn...ever:jaw:
  11. Good progress so far. I just can't believe the mini-tub work to only have 275s in the end. I think they are gonna look a bit off with a little 'stretch'.
  12. will know for sure tomorrow. The tires just got here, too late to do it today. Personally I think they'll look a little "bloated". As for the work on the mini tubs, it was a pita for sure, and I would've stuck in all the rubber that the now 14" wide tub could handle, but You can't get a wide honkin' tire that is taller than 26" in a 17" rim size and for this build, tall was part of the plan.
  13. Well, I guess what it boils down to is taste. technically 275mm is 10.826 inches, but somehow it never quite works out that way when you measure the tread on a 275. In fact I've tried putting a 275/50/15 on a 10" wheel back in about 92 and it was stretched waaay out. didn't look good at all. Again, those were 15's. The 295/50/15 was a perfect fit, a little taller, but width wise, perfect.

    I think in this fellas case I would check into another size like a 295/35/17(don't know if that size id made or not) or maybe even a 305/35/17. A buddy of mine runs a 315/35/17 I believe and it looks tuff.

    IMO too narrow a tire on too wide a wheel kinda gives off that lowrider look, but if that's your thing, cool. Rock on.

    just sayin...:shrug:
  14. Just to get things straight, the "lowrider look" is the furthest deviation from this plan. I just looked at my street rod chassis and it has 265/55/17's on 9.5" wheels. A little narrower, an .75" taller, but a 1/2 " narrower wheel (seems all relative to me)
    You decide if it looks lowrider
  15. That door panel is badass!
  16. Thanks! I wondered if anybody was gonna notice it. I made a custom one out of a flat fox door panel backer board and a 65 pony mustang center section. Required that I move the door handle and the supporting structure back and down about 6", power window switches are relocated to the console. I ordered the seat belts today, (all that was stopping me from putting the interior back in), It's totally redone in mach1 upholstery in the same colors as the door panel.
  17. I think it looks good mike! :nice:
  18. Thanks to everybody for the kind words. Like it says,..It's finally coming together. However I'm spending waay too much money Wayy too often! I hate the part where it actually starts to look like a car and the rational part of your brain decides to go on vacation. (my wife would have a STROKE if she only knew) :nono:
  19. Nope. THAT is perfect. THIS is a bit exhagerated, but the look I was warning to avoid by not having enough tire width...


    I've seen 275's on a ten start to do this, guess it depends on the tire brand maybe? BTW- The door panels do look bad azz.:nice:
  20. I have 285's on a 10" rim and I am not tubbed.