Build Thread Finally! 89 Notch 2v Swap Progress Thread Project: 89mach1

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  1. Pm me your address and I'll send you some.
  2. Pm me your address and I'll send you some.
  3. Draggin' ass.:nonono:

    It took forever to rewire the engine. I relocated the ignition controller wire grommet, and it meant that about 2o wires had to be cut, lengthened, and soldered back together. The engine compartment is finally done. Save for some mega-piddly ass details, it's full of oil and water, and I should be able to start it next week sometime.


    The Brakes have been done for a week, and I put the wheels on the car and put it up on blocks so I could get the front end close to aligned ( check out how far inboard the CC plates had to go to get the tires perpendicular to the pavement)

    I really like the wheels. They have a hub that sticks out proud of the wheel lip. I guess it's because these wheels are actually intended NOT to be so backspaced, but that is no problem for me I think they are very cool. When you sight down the side of the car, there are these two little "bumps" that stick out from the center of the wheel. Waay different from the average wheel you see on a Fox.





    Whats left?........ wiring, wiring, wiring.

    Remember, when I said that this car was a Katrina flood car? remember when I said that all of the factory wrap, bundling the internal wire harness had disentegrated because of that?

    I wasn't lying...


    The wires on top of the heater are the new extended ones that have yet to be tied back in.
    I feel like you're looking at my dirty undies:oops:

    Someday, I'm gonna rip the entire mess out and redo the thing w/ an aftermarket wiring harness. In the meantime, I'll put the frame back up wire tie the piss out of it, and forget whats under the dash until then.

    I should be able to back it out next weekend, and finish up what's left. It's going in our local "World of Wheels" auto show the second week end of Feb. I'll take some real pictures of the finished product out in the sunlight.:nice:

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  4. engine bay looks great; nice work
  5. Wow you were not joking about the dash harness.

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  6. Double post brought to you by tapatalk

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  7. I know that feeling...
  8. no,...unfortunately that is no joke.
  9. the car is really looking good mike. Im still going to try to make the car show. keep up the good work
  10. I didn't know you were even trying to make the show. C'mon! there are more reasons than just my car to come to the "Big City". Take your wife out to dinner, spend the night, see the rest of the junk that's at the show (including mine). It's only what?......a 3 hour drive from Columbus?:D
  11. Looks awesome. Is that relay on the driver side of the engine bay your starter "solenoid"?
  12. No,Scott a 4.6 has the solenoid built onto the starter. That relay is to "amp up" the current from the stock relay wire to kick the starter drive. The stock wire going to the old solenoid didn't have the balls to engage it.
    Thanks, again. as cool as that project of your's is, it carries some weight when somebody takes the time to offer a compliment.
    You being n electrical engineer, I'll bet your teeth hurt from the "Jeez! clench when you saw the pic of the under dash?
  13. I work thursday - sunday night shift now so for me, it will be more like, get up, drag the wife & daughter kicking and screeming on a road trip to look at cars. Then haul butt back home & hope to only be a couple hours late for work. I told a few other guys about the show but I dought they will make the trip. Either way, good luck at the show.
  14. Man, I can't believe how amazing that engine looks in there. I bet that fools a lot of people, including a good amount of "car guys". Can't wait to see more pics!
  15. It's only an auto show. ( and a mediocre one at that) There would be no way in hell I'd drive 3 hours, walk around the convention center for 2 hours looking at cars, then hump it back another 3 hours just so I could be "late for work".:nonono:
    As for me needing luck,.... I doubt I'll win anything, and I'm not entering to win. There are two judging forums to enter the car in this year, One is full blown ISCA rules,you win money, and they'll judge everything, including under the floor and inside the trunk. The other is a Trophy based street driven car format that only looks at the top side and not in the trunk. Even then, my car still pales against what I see driven on the street, including some of the other project cars right here on this site. If I was placed next to the likes of Turbofox's car, I wouldn't get jack. I'm not kidding myself. My car is still only a 5 or a 6 in a field of "perfect 10" street driven cars.

    It does. I have argued w/ several "car guys" last year that it's only "281 cubic inches" and that it only makes about (then)265 FWHP. They walk away,... sarcastically laughing going..."281 cubic inches,...yeah right!"
    So, instead of arguing w/ them this Feb, I'll pander to their disbelief and just let them thing it's a 468.:cool:

  16. I can't offer enough compliments on the body work you did on that car. When is the magazine cover shoot scheduled? :D

    And yes, I think I bit my tongue when I saw that dash picture. Ron Francis was the first thing that came to mind, but I see you have an aftermarket harness planned for the future, which is a very good thing. You're gonna need it sooner than later!