Build Thread Finally! 89 Notch 2v Swap Progress Thread Project: 89mach1

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  1. Originally, back in October, Steve Turner ( Editor @ 5.0) told me it'd be in Aprils' issue. A couple of weeks later he thought it would actually show up earlier. When I didn't hear (or see) anything, I shot him an email asking for an update. He confirmed that it was in Junes' issue, which goes on sale April 10. He sent me copies of the pictures he has "picked" for the feature.

    From what I understand, Junes issue will be about engine swaps. I was kinda shocked that he included me in that group. I said that the engine swap was the most unpopular part about this car, and the "old blue" scheme was terrible compared to how it looks now. I asked why it wasn't about the body? He said he was having difficulty finding a place for the car, because it didn't "fit in" anywhere. I told him "different" was exactly what I was trying for, but Evidently, I have made a car that is so different, a mustang mag can't justify featuring it ( based on the body) in their mag.:nonono:

    So I think the feature will be about the engine first, then the car. We'll see soon enough.
  2. HA! That's exactly what I do every time I look at it.

    I am NOT gonna keep dwelling on it, because if my track record holds true I replace crap that bugs me, (and This s hit bugs the hell out of me)
    but I am tired of this thing being on jack stands. It's been almost 3 months now that I pulled the heads. So like I said, I'll do my best to structure that junk now that it is exposed, and put it where it belongs,............hidden.

    AND btw, you're the only one besides me that must like them.
  3. I think you are being pretty modest about your project. There are a lot of super clean foxes out there and turbfox is an exellent example but, the way you combined the 68 front & rear with an 86 is awesome. The engine bay also looks great. Its truly a one of a kind car. You wanted to build something different and you pulled it off really well. The problem with different is that its not for everybody. some will like it & some might hate it (says the guy who prays to the turbo gods not to have a catastrophic turbo failure). You said that your car has been up on stands for months. Mine has been that way for over a year now so, taking a couple hours of leave from work for the road trip is kind of a motivational thing for me.
  4. Sad, but true. Those Mustang mags make all their coin based on automotive fads, so it's hard for them to justify something that's too far out of the ordinary. That's why you see an article on a CAI or a short throw shifter install in just about every issue.
  5. I'd bet HOT ROD or CAR CRAFT would jump all over it. They feature some pretty far out not so mainstream stuff.

  6. Yeah, they might at that. Problem is you gotta get to somewhere they are gonna be at. The Hot Rod power tour is just too much driving to be going nowhere, and I haven't even seen a Car Craft magazine in the stores in about a bagillion years. They still got a magazine?
  7. Here I go again, answering up from the bottom.

    Well then,....shall we bet on whether or not the "motivation" will be enough to get you to make the trip?:rolleyes:
  8. Those wheels are neat. Not like everything else... matches the car nicely without being rice.
  9. would "rice" have matched even better?

    Cause now that you mention it, I am a huge fan of rice.
    I like rice is when it's rolled around some raw fish. Then there's the fried rice cousin's, pork, chicken, and beef. I like that rice too. There's The "Two amigos in a box"" versions Spanish rice, and Mexican rice, I eat the mess outta that.

    The only rice I don't like is white rice,.....not just because it's white though,....most of my friends are white.
  10. Glad you're not a rice racist. Cuz that would be bad.

    Guess what I meant by "rice" was the wheels that look ultra expensive but come nowhere near matching the car. Your wheels look nice on there... complementing, not screaming "Check the rims, bro!"
  11. Yeah, I got that. I was just messing w/ you. Typically, (around here at least) it's always the "donks, boxes, and bubbles" are where the rims cost exceed the value of the car by an exponential level. I'm sure that my Boys in Ensley driving those (whatever a donk, box, and bubble is) don't consider their 22-36" wheels "Rice" either though.

    Bottom line, I get that your trying to cred my wheels "B,"..... Thanks.

    Just keepin' it real yo.:banana:
  12. What A great freakin' day!:banana:

    Nothing went wrong! ( well,....almost nothing)
    I spent the morning putting the interior back together, got it done by noon. Started it, put it in gear and drove it to the front end shop. They were able to get it all perfecto, and I brought it back home.

    It has some rear end gear noise, despite the fact that the gear contact pattern looked perfect.

    I don't care.

    There is a marked seat of the pants improvement in power. Despite the fact that you cannot hear a lope to the cams, there is definitely a broader power band. I don't know how much power I picked up but,

    I don't care.

    All I care about is the freaking thing is done. It starts, runs, and drives and stops.

    These are pointless pics, but what the hell. ( I gotta get better w/ this stinking new camera,... it's too good for me)


    What? no oil?


    For Shawn.



    That snakes' nest of wires is under there,.....It bothers me but,...... *ahem* to modify SJ's speech a little:

    I NOT sick and tired of those monkey fightin' snakes, under my monday to friday dash!..... Yet.


    Oh yeah! The one thing that DID go wrong:

    I am coming up the road to my house, one block away. I step on the brake, and get a horrible grinding noise. I let it coast the final block into my drive way, roll in and the thing stops dead. Still running,...The brakes have locked up.

    A bolt came out of the caliper, and let the caliper move and cause the E brake line to clamp that rotor like a vise. Fortunately it happened in the drive way, The bolt was still in the caliper,.....It just hadn't fallen out yet.;)
  13. You and the Brakes on that car have quite a history LOL (thinking of story when you moved car and almost wrecked)

    and that brake line looks exactly how I thought it should look like! Great Job!
  14. Mike, I dont even know what to say. The engine bay looks 100 times better, and makes me wish your mag shoot didnt already happen. The interior looks great all put back together. As long as everything works like it should, I wouldnt worry about the wires under the dash. Its not like you remove the dash at car shows to expose and "show off" your wiring harness... As long as you have them all zip tied together and stuck in place, I dont see what all the fuss is about. Im am very impressed by your attention to detail, and dedication to continually improve your car. Top notch, my friend! :nice:
  15. Thanks Shawn.

    Man, you ain't lying. I can't imagine what could've happened if that bolt would've came loose any earlier. It literally stopped in my driveway, and I had to run in the garage, get my floor jack and impact, run back up the drive w/ those things and a cement block, ( the car was on a down hill grade, the same one I coasted down the first time when I had no brakes). Remove, the wheel, tug the Ebrake cable to "unlock" the caliper, replace the whole thing to get the car back into the garage all while it was steadily going from sprinkle to downpour outside.

    I used red loctite after I got it back in the garage, more loose caliper bolts.

    Thanks Nick.
    Yeah I wish that the current version was the one that got in the mag, but the ed. wasn't interested in using my photos. He said he'd make mention of it in the article.
    I'm not too worried about the wires under there. I got them as neat as I could under the circumstances. and everything does work like it's supposed to. If I ever run out of "cool" visible things to do to that car, I may justify spending $400.00 and 40 hours on a new harness.
  16. Mike when you have a chance or if you already have photos. I would like to see a full shot outside with the new wheels. I saw the ones in the garage on blocks....Did I miss any others?
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