Build Thread Finally! 89 Notch 2v Swap Progress Thread Project: 89mach1

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  1. I haven't had a chance. I was gonna take a few today, but there was the brake thing and it was raining. It's supposed to rain all weekend.:nonono:
  2. Ok.....i have something to look forward to..... Thanks
  3. Jeez!

    It was like looking for the Arc of the Covenant trying to find this thread, it was so buried. But I finally found it in the back corner. Section E, building 437, Corridor 19, shelf 7, space 213.:doh:

    It's 76 degrees here in Birmingham today. All thoughts of power adders took a back seat to the inevitability of 98 degree days soon enough.

    I decided to unbox the rear mount A/C unit and put the evaporator in and cut the (is it a package tray,...or a hat rack?) for the air intake.

    The first thing I had to do however was to relocate the trunk mounted battery forward. The A/C replaced my hoopty 10" sub/amp combo that was back there and forced me to re-think the sub situation. I think I'm gonna put it where the battery used to be behind the left rear tire, so like I said, the battery had to move up front ( That's probably a switch around here huh,.... somebody actually moving a battery to the front of the car)


    For those that don't know, that is an Odyssey dry cell. It don't give a rats red bunion hole how it's mounted, so to save space, I turned it up on end.

    After all of that junk got done I moved on to the Evap. This system is a Vintage air piece that is actually intended for a street rod, but if we keep it down,....maybe my car won't hear us. ( Cause if I was my car, I'd be offended at the notion I'm sporting some stodgy A/C system typically found in some 37 packard street rod)

    Officially, the reason I'm trunk mounting an A/C system is to keep A/C lines out of my firewall (why,....because I think they look like ass. [​IMG]) The other reason was I'd have to blow the charge to even get a valve cover off the engine. So, you know.
    I filled the firewall where the A/C lines used to be, and installed this dude:


    The two big honkin' holes are outlets, and it came w/ these two dorky surface mount vents that mount on the ( what is is supposed to be again??? Oh yeah,...a package tray) But I'm not going to use those, I'm still working on that.

    The air inlet required another big-assed rectangular cut into the tray, but it was less obtrusive, so I'm gonna run it as is,


    I'm not too concerned about cutting my poor car up, ( I mean... really) especially back behind the seat. When I got it, somebody had sawzalled the entire bracing structure out so they could jam some stupid dual 12 sub box back there. I fixed it w/ what I had at the time, but since then, have become fond of my galvanized holy angle, so I'm keeping it.

    No comments about the holy angle, you're supposed to be looking at the Evap.


    Really! look at the raggedy assed cut line my boy "B" took when he cut the support braces out so he could rattle the gold off of his grilleW/ his new 12 to the 2.0 Dub Subs.
    (know what I'm sayin' MMaayn)[​IMG]

    I think I'll duct the outlets to two sets of "Eyeballs" that I'll mount in the plastic side panels, facing forward right about where your shoulders would be if you were sitting back there. But since no one, ( including you) is ever gonna sit back there, you needn't worry about my car giving you the cold shoulder.:rlaugh:
  4. Question though. What's with the holy angle? :shrug:

    Oh... and did you know that your battery is mounted sideways?
  5. So your condensing my posts for me now Noobz? Should I thank you?

    I thought I was in fine form tonight.
    Not overly wordy. W/ aptly placed, spirited comments, accompanied by a few select 8 x 10 glossy photos, w/ circles and arrows pointing to the garbage I routinely dump on this site.
  6. Actually, I been waiting to see what stroke of genius you come up with for the A/C blower ducts. :chin
  7. It won't be genius.

    It'll be Genius to the 13th power over brillance squared, multiplied by innovation, split into equal parts Michelangelo and Einstein.
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  8. I dont know how functional it would be at directing air forward but, you could cover your ducts in the pakage tray with 6x9 speaker covers if you wanted to keep them hidden
  9. Already considered and killed the idea. I think the speaker grille will block too much of the air, and it will not let me aim the ducts like i want.
    I already said what I was gonna do,...I just gotta find the right look.
  10. Your quest for a nice, cool interior on a hot Alabama day is impressive.

    BTW, my gf visited a friend in Birmingham in April last year and she said it's beautiful down there. There was also a tornado at the time and they were locked in the basement of the mall for 3 hours. I don't know how you guys put up with that stuff down there.
  11. Mike, where in Birmingham are you located? I'm just getting back into working on my 87, but if you ever need a hand working on yours let me know. Maybe it would get me motivated to finish mine.
  12. Looks good Mike... haven't checked your thread in a while. The engine bay is incredible!!
  13. What about some low profile (no more than one inch depth) and really wide (thinking like 6 inches) ducts that wedge in between the rear seat back rest and interior panels and pointing toward the front of the car?

    I'm thinking the exit ports could be near where the rear speakers would be in a late model Fox. :shrug:
  14. Thanks Scott. Actually the A/C system for the car ended up being the more logical and practical solution. Although there are still some bugs to work out, I was planning on using my latest creation ...The "Nutfrigerator" to keep me comfy in the Alabama heat.
    (It works, but I have a problem keeping frost from forming on my scrotum, so it's still kinda in "Beta")
    Either way, the main objective is to keep from sweating my balls off.

    I don't put up with the Tornados, they scare the hell out of me. That last one that killed over 250 just here in Al, cut a swath 1 mile wide for miles. Looks like a Giant bulldozer just scraped the Earth as far as you can see.

    And thank you sir for the input, But no billet for me. I chose (4) 2.5" round, black vents that are 360*aim-able, and can be shut off. Where I place them is still up in the air though.

    I live in Hoover, just off of the 150 exit on 459. You are welcome to hang out anytime, but most of the grunt work is well behind me. I don't know how much it'll motivate you, though. But if it's a kick in the ass you need, C'mon over.

    Why Thanks, Nate. You don't know how much that means to me....( Seriously,.. I mean,.... how could you know? You're not me) :D

    I'm out of room back there Noobz. If I keep the 6 x9's where they are, that big return air plenum and the speakers make the space pretty busy. The other idea I have festering is to use that space where the 6 x 9's are, and replace them w/ some 6.5" Kicker separates mounted in the quarter plastic. Woofer above the factory arm rest, tweeter up high towards the headliner.
    If I do that, I can make some custom wedge shaped fiberglass thingy that does more or less what you are talking about.
  15. If you were using R134a, that may be your problem. See if you can get your hands on a can of R12 and give that a try. It may turn your Nutfroster into the Nutfrigerator you desire.
  16. Naww I really need to come clean here. My NutFrigerator really isn't all that sophisticated. ( It's actually just a bag of crushed ice, jammed into my undies) I think I'm gonna have to ditch the idea entirely,....Not only do I have to contend w/ frosty balls, but the drainage from the bag leaking leaves me w/ a big wet spot that looks like I pissed myself.:nonono:

    I guess I'm just better off w/ the trunk mount A/C system after all.;)
  17. Guys that live way up north don't appreciate the fact that in the southern states, your little red Mustang can become a little red toaster oven on a sunny day in July. Of all the things that need attention on my Mustang, fixing the A/C gets the highest priority. I'm old, and I don't melt in neat little puddles anymore...
  18. Well, guys that live way up north in February might not get it. But come July, we all get it. Some just choose to ignore it and sweat.
    I, like you, no longer consider a 12 second quarter a fair trade for getting out of the car w/ the seat back imprint steamed into my shirt.
  19. It gets plenty warm here in the summer. The A/C blows warm in my '86, but its a complete system, so it will get fixed right away. I pulled the A/C from my old '95, and although it was nice having less clutter under the hood, it limited the comfortable driving time over the summer last year. I think your approach with the "vents" near the shoulders is a good idea. That way its pointing forward, and you will actually feel it if your system has enough velocity. Otherwise, it will just blow against your rear glass, and you will have to wait for the whole cabin to cool before you feel much.