Build Thread Finally! 89 Notch 2v Swap Progress Thread Project: 89mach1

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  1. the tire height also determines with width, it dosent make sense but a 275 is not a 275. A 275/60 vs. a 275/50 on the same rim, the width is going to be different.

    The 275/40 will work great on a 10'' rim. It seems like drag radials work best on the widest rim they can fit on. MT reccomends a 9-11" rim for the 275/40 drag radial. Alot of the guys in the 275 class are even running a 12" beadlock on the 275/60 wheels
  2. good to hear about the 68 rear panel & coilovers. Please post step by step pics of the taillight build. I think it would be really cool it you had a functional rear gas filler tube & filled in the one on the side. What are you going to do with the licence plate?

  3. Buddy of mine was a manager of a discount tire for about ten years and what he said was pretty much in line with this below. I was off on the tread width, it's section with I was thinking-but that number doesn't change. Width is width according to the tire guys.

    This is from's how to read tire numbers:

    Section Width
    Following the letter(s) that identify the type of vehicle and/or type of service for which the tire was designed, the three-digit numeric portion identifies the tire's "Section Width" (cross section) in millimeters.

    P225/50R16 91S

    The 225 indicates this tire is 225 millimeters across from the widest point of its outer sidewall to the widest point of its inner sidewall when mounted and measured on a specified width wheel. This measurement is also referred to as the tire's section width. Because many people think of measurements in inches, the 225mm can be converted to inches by dividing the section width in millimeters by 25.4 (the number of millimeters per inch).

    225mm / 25.4 = 8.86"

    Sidewall Aspect Ratio
    Typically following the three digits identifying the tire's Section Width in millimeters is a two-digit number that identifies the tire's profile or aspect ratio.

    P225/50R16 91S

    The 50 indicates that this tire size's sidewall height (from rim to tread) is 50% of its section width. The measurement is the tire's section height, and also referred to as the tire's series, profile or aspect ratio. The higher the number, the taller the sidewall; the lower the number, the lower the sidewall. We know that this tire size's section width is 225mm and that its section height is 50% of 225mm. By converting the 225mm to inches (225 / 25.4 = 8.86") and multiplying it by 50% (.50) we confirm that this tire size results in a tire section height of 4.43". If this tire were a P225/70R16 size, our calculation would confirm that the size would result in a section height of 6.20", approximately a 1.8-inch taller sidewall.
  4. well, once and for all 275/50/17's look GREAT on 10 " rims. I stood at the tire shop while they mounted one of them just to be sure I was gonna like it( and ended up being late to work because of it) but the peace of mind was totally worth the late status at work.If you could see my face,...well it's kind of like this:D

    For all of you wondering why I mini tubbed it, the attached pictures will show why I did. but for the record, I knew that the wheels I bought were backspaced way under the quarter.

    I also got to work on the interior today, put the dash pretty much back together, got the gauges working again (ck out the speedo, the car is on blocks in neutral)

    Now I put every picture on its own line, so if this still isn't the way I'm supposed to post it you'll have to let me know
  5. That might not be too hard, maybe I could just make a filler neck that turns hard right and follows the inside of the tailight panel and turns down to intersect with the factory side fill neck on the tank. I don't know how filling a tank with all of the tight turns might be though.........
  6. Yeah filling the tank might be a slow process. It would look better that way IMO. The tires look good. My buddy has them on his car. The dash looks great with the digital gauges too. please keep up with the pics. Looking forward to those taillight & what you are going to do with the licence plate.
  7. The plate will go where it does on a 68 mustang,...below the bumper.
    I'm installing the entire rear section, tailight panel, bumper and rear valance.
  8. Pics are posted perfect now. We no longer have to scroll right and down at the same time. Your car looks to be coming along nicely, and those tires are a great fit on the wheels.
  9. thanks, it's been about 90 days now since i pulled the discusting, filthy interior out of the car. I've never seen one as nasty as this one was. I still have to get the caked mud out of the frame rails, ( this car was underwater), courtesy of hurricane Katrina.
  10. That sounds like quite the mess. Glad you are saving the car rather than letting it rot though. Worst interior I saw was a vette with a completely molded interior. The owner could not find a solution to stop the mold, it was on every single piece of the interior including the rear view mirror. After trying many kits I think he gave up on it actually, but just cant let go of the car.
  11. sweet mother of god, that is nice!
  12. Well it isn't that bad (thankfully) in my case, There is just caked on dirt/mud everywhere! In the frame rails, on top of the gas tank, in the k member, residue on the surface of every piece of top side sheet metal that just wont wash off! That plus the entire wiring harness is wrapped in this crumbling- disintegrating mess that used to be friction tape or what ever:shrug:
    That.... is my ordeal
  13. Although I spent 5 hours on it, the only thing(s) I really got done today, was I got the drive shaft shortened 3/4" (now that the tremec is there, it was just too long) I dealt with the bumpsteer that came as a result of lowering the rack 3/4" to clear the 2v oil pan, & Put the front suspension 90% together. checked in the Boss 429 hood scoop and 14" air cleaner from summit. No real reason to post pictures though.
  14. Progress is progress! :nice:
  15. TAILIGHTS!!!

    Well it's been a few days. I have been busting my butt to get somewhere on it because I gotta stop working on it for about a month while I recover from hand surgery next week. I gotta tell you, I now know why nobody has tried to put 68 tailights on a fox... It is a royal pain in the ass! AND It's certainly not for the faint hearted.
    You gotta be prepared to literally butcher the tail section to make room for the panel, The mustang trunk crowns outward, the 68 panel is slightly bowed in. You have to cut the trunk in order to make it look tolerable,....well look:


    I had to cut an inch off each side of the panel, you can see the little doo-dads that hold it together so that it could be welded. You see the repair on each side of the panel after its is installed. I'd say I'm about half done.

    I have been working on the trunk to build the tail spoiler after I cut it up, but until I get it looking better, you don't get to see it. I have even deliberated whether or not to post the pictures of the BOSS'9 hood scoop because its coated in the bogus baby blue gelcoat and it just looks horrible. But it's been fitted and it only needs some light sanding and black paint, so maybe you can look past the miserable color.

  16. that tail light assembly is just an amazing idea, i like the outside the box thinking you have
  17. Love the tails....cant wait to see it done
  18. I have to think outside the box, there's no room left for anything in the box I live in!:rlaugh:
  19. That is looking AWESOME! I see what ya mean about using the old school bumper now too. I really want to do that to my 90 hatchback. The hood scoop is going to look great too.