Build Thread Finally! 89 Notch 2v Swap Progress Thread Project: 89mach1

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by madmike1157, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Looks great Mike. I still think you should have went with the original nutfridgerator design :shrug:. Frosty balls are happy balls.
  2. Thanks Scott. The Nutfrigerator Just wasn't meant to be. Remember, despite the fact that it sounds all technical and s hit, the NF was really just a bag of crushed ice. The final "Beta" version evolved to include a Depends protective undergarment to contain the drainage as the ice would melt. This solved the problem w/ leakage up to a point. Keeping a fresh supply of ice was no problem, as I'd just pop into a Wendy's and go to the drink dispenser and just open my pants while I dumped in crush ice from the Coke machine. I could get about 32 oz worth of drainage contained before it would overwhelm the capacity of the protective barrier, but as a side effect of containing all of the melt-off after a while there was no room for any more ice. It all ended up just being a hot, clammy, soggy man diaper that made my ass look big. :nonono:
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  3. But on a serious note, I finished the A/C system yesterday. But not w/o my usual drama.
    I took the car to my friends shop so we cold fix the rear end leak and try to quieten the gear noise that I was having since it was rebuilt. Despite the fact that the gear contact tooth pattern looked really good, and the backlash was where it was supposed to be, it still made noise. The seal was new and it leaked as well. I figured that while it was up there for that, I'd let my friend ( An ASE mechanic) look over my shoulder when I charged the system.
    So yesterday I get up a 5AM to try and get the car put back together to make the 40 mile roadtrip to my friends shop. I was supposed to be there by 9 AM, so I had 4 hours to get it all done. At 8:30, already cutting it too close, I had it all together.

    I get in, turn the key, and I don't hear the pump prime. This is now a huge problem as the fuel pump relay is now under the newly built upholstered floor boards, which in turn were being held down by the rest of the upholstered panels......and it was now 8:40.

    I have an access panel built in back there to get to the rear power distribution block, and that was first to get looked at and checked. Power was confirmed to be going to the relay, so it had to be some loose connection at the relay. I tried to remove a few panels to allow movement of the base board but couldn't budge it. I whip out a small pry bar and attempt to pry the board forward, but manage to put a big assed dent in my rear tail light panel instead.:fuss:

    I find the problem at the distribution block in the form forgotten connection for constant 12v to the relay which I didn't even think to check first before I decided to put a dent in my car. The car starts up, I back out and try to calm down as I make the 40 mile drive, w/ my newly dented body panel.

    After I get there it's all good. The rear end leak was solved w/ a new seal. My friend Neil tightens up the backlash in an attempt to quieten the noise, but nothing changes. ( Chalk it up to the fact that it is a 125.00 cost set of Motive 3.73's? Is Motive Chinese?:shrug:)

    I give up on the noise, and accept my situation, (Note to self: Ford gears only from now on)
    The A/C system went absolutely w/o incident. Evacuated to -28" and it held for the 2+ hours we dicked w/ the rear end. Took about 30 oz of 134A.

    It was 80 degrees yesterday. For the first time in two years, I'm driving my car w/ the windows rolled up!:nice: It's kinda wierd w/ the cold air coming from behind, but hey.......It was cold air. The car ran at 180 ( my thermostat temp) Hopefully when It gets truly hot here, the system will continue to do like it did yesterday.
  4. Sorry to hear about the misfortune... but at least the life support system is operational... i dont know how i ever had a hobby car without it.
  5. What isn't Chinee anymore? :shrug:
  6. Me. I'm notta Chinee. I'm a democrat.
  7. Allen, you should know by now that I take three steps to move two spaces on a daily basis. If my life didn't have drama in it, the neighbor looking out his kitchen window (into my garage) would have nothing to stare at.
    Thanks for the belated advice on the gears, see that I will take your advice when I get tired of the noise don't you?
  8. Mike,

    Congrats on making the mag. Big enough accomplishment building that car but made even bigger by making the magazine. If Goodguys or anybody has a Spirit of Hotrodding award for non-pro builders, you should win every one of them.

    I'd like to ask a few questions if you don't mind.

    How many hours do you estimate you have in this entire build?
    How much total time passed from the day you started till the day you considered it "done"?

    Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks.

    1200 hours is my guess so far.

    1 year, 2 months
  10. Man, it only took you a year to do that car?? Jeez, I need to get on my game. You move quick for an old man. :p
  11. Rocket assisted walker.

    I was unemployed most of last year. Working only enough to pay the bills. Meant I could dedicate about 40 hour weeks to the thing several months at a time.
  12. Well, you definitely made the most out of your time being unemployed. That's for sure!
  13. Job scenario #2 is in the works. A real Job, working for a real company. A national company that will start me at 40k guaranteed. If I get that, I'll be able to breathe again,....and maybe I'll be able to ease up on the sale of the car before it gets to a point of desperation.
  14. Thanks, Mike. Good luck on the job hunt. What do you do for a real job? You in the automotive industry?
  15. I have my own business. (actually it's a lack of business business selling and installing hometheater) If all goes well, I will be in the automotive industry of sorts.
  16. Hope it goes well for you. If you still play around with the HT thing and need any help getting your hands on stuff like Crestron, Extron, etc. let me know.

    With any luck I'll win the lottery and bring you up to Maryland so we can do something radical to my 85 GT - radical but different from your masterpiece.
  17. Good luck. Hope it all pulls together. Be patient with the car. Being that you have the chance to keep it, don't give the thing away for any less than you really want for it. I think no matter the price, you will regret the sale at some point in the future. That car is essentially your automotive offspring.
  18. Thanks for that. I appreciate the input. I have to admit that the adrenaline that came w/ the exposure on the block had me shaking like I was getting ready to speak to the Pope. Now that it is behind me, It'll get seen for sale at the Tupelo Cruise in. But that'll be all Ford guys.
    It just won't be a sale venue.
  19. Will you be driving it on the Hot Rod Power Tour? Less than a month away!
  20. No, I had to cut bait. The power tour was just too much driving w/ no diversion for the non-car guy wife. Mustang week is my committed to venue if I in fact still have the car. Savannah, Charleston, and Mrytle beach ( read,... three days in the ocean) are the planned destinations on my "Power Tour" this year.

    Had I been by myself, and had my oldest not have gotten the call from the AF, He and I might have looked into making that as an alternative but this year has become the "it is what it is" of choices.