Build Thread Finally! 89 Notch 2v Swap Progress Thread Project: 89mach1

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by madmike1157, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. wow that tail section is going to look amazing on a fox!
  2. wow nice build, love teh retro scoop
  3. Wow, usually when people hack together different generations of Mustangs, the end result looks terrible, but I think that taillight panel is going to be AMAZING. I can't wait to see it done, you're doing some really good work so far. The scoop is going to look sweet too.

    I'm not sure if I missed it (I've just been scanning this thread for posts with pictures, haha), but what is the hand surgery for?
  4. mustangitis
  5. Oh, damn. I guess I need surgery too, then!
  6. The surgery is for carpal tunnel that I've put off 10 years. Now there is also a pretty severe case of arthritis where they replace a knuckle with a piece of balled up tendon :eek:

    I've had it done to my left hand already, so I know the recovery time, I'm trying to get as much done as possible so I won't have to look at uncompleted stuff and not be able to do a damn thing about it for weeks.:shrug:
  7. Ah, yea I was going to guess carpal tunnel. My dad had the surgery in both hands as well. There was a long time there after the surgery, where he would have me go through all his work once he was done and check the tightness of the fasteners. As he put it, he had to "relearn" his "feel" for tightening down bolts and screws. Was it the same for you?
  8. nah,
    I had it done to my left hand last summer. (when I bought the current car I'm now working on) The "pain" would be my guide for how tight things were. I remember trying to lift the compressor out w/ one hand, fortunately it was my right, I'll have to use the left hand as a primary until I can start relying on the gimped out right again.( they say 2 weeks for "limited use" 3 weeks for 75%,)....unfortunately the grinding and cutting I'm doing to build this taillight panel currently is about 110%:mad:
  9. NICE! How are you gonna make the trunk close?
  10. the trunk will still use the original 89 latch. I'm gonna fill the hole above the gas cap in the 68 panel and use a combination of the electric release in the glove box, and reroute and extend the internal emergency cable release so that I can get to it outside from some "secret" location.
  11. this is some of the most impressive body work i have seen done to a fox, the only thing that comes to mind that even remotely comes close is the build that Santanas did with his rear fill gas tank and reverse opening hood. which you might be interested in looking at to get an idea for making the 68 gas cap functional.

    keep up the work and good luck with recovery!
  12. thanks, but the body work is not really that complicated. Considering the panel is prefab'd and it actually fits w/ the exception of it being too wide, the only thing(s) I have done so far is cut and weld. Fortunately I can do both.
  13. hey don't set yourself short of what you're doing. not even completed and it looks better than 90% of the body kits out there. especially the ones that aren't a ford replica.
  14. looking good! thanks for sharing!
  15. That tailpanel = teh hotness
  16. x1,000,000.

    I thought it would look like crap when I heard about it, but man that is sick!

    Keep in mind I have/have had fox coupes (1 in the past, one now) and 67-68 coupes (2 past, 2 now) and that is a great meld!!!!
  17. :drool: So ****ing sick!

    Damn, my buddy that whose 88 coupe we've been doing bodywork to for the last couple of years saw this and said he would think about that tail panel too. I never thought it would look that good.
  18. I did the 2v motor because I had it.
    The car came w/ a 4 banger, and try as I may, just couldn't come to terms w/ leaving it in there (even though I planned to turbocharge it to the 350 whp range).
    I have a plan for the 2v though and it all revolves around an old school theme. Its already carbureted,and painted ford blue ('bout as old school as it comes) But since its So HUGE! (dimensionally speaking anyways) I've decided to badge it as a cobra jet. I mean the thing is as big as any FE series engine ford built, and the average schmoe (read... nobody on this board) won't know that its NOT a 390 or a 428 . I've been waiting for the air cleaner decal to come from the same guys I got the tail light panel but the stupid thing is on B/O.
    That plus the fact that 428' CJs were rated at 335HP from the factory, and w/ new heads and cams on the 2v,'ll certainly make that.
    I'd really like solid lifter cams, nothing say's late 60's like the noise that comes from a solid valvetrain. But even if they made a solid roller cam for a 2v, theres no way I'm gonna pull those valve covers every couple of months to ck the lash.
    I will also badge the enormo boss hood scoop likewise,... but I've got no reason to lay out the 39.00 ea for the chrome cobra jet script that'll go there until it's time to paint it this spring.
    I have one last day to work on it tommorrow, and I'm gonna try to get the bumper cut and re-sectioned, and the spoiler finished enough to decide if I like it.

    After that, I have the hand surgery on monday, and I won't be able to touch it for weeks:(

    P.S. the taillights should work out the same regardless if it's a hatch or a notch,.....Just be prepared to cut the hell out of your hatch.
  19. need more pics!
  20. Great work, What about the dash? I had plans on putting a 1965 dash in my 82 but never got around to it.