Finally a foxbody in a decent video game!

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  1. Not too sure how many of you guys are gamers, but i have been looking for a game that has a fox body in it and have only come accross one terrible game, some ford mustang racing game for the old x-box. Anyways I just found out that forza 3 has the 1993 cobra in it and thought i would share. It's cool that these cars are finally starting to get some attention from people other than fellow stang lovers!!!!!! Kind of a pointless thread i just wanted to share!
  2. I don't get too much into games anymore, but have always wished they'd throw a fox in a racing game, need for speed would be cool, but thanks for posting this cuz I'm definitly gonna have to go pick that up now
  3. I dont know about the Cobra, but I know it has a 93 R in it :)


  4. About ****ing time!

    About 10 years ago Test Drive 6 came out, it had a 87 LX Coupe, but the game sucked bigtime. TD4 and TD5 were far superior in every way.
  5. I used to have a Fox notch and Fox hatch that I'd added into Need for Speed III for the PC many, many moons ago. Wasn't too impressively modeled, though, and no interior view. Plus it handled like poo and was unrealistically fast - you would totally smoke any of the original cars of the game in a straight-line run. :notnice:

    Aside from that '93 Cobra, downloadable content for PC games is usually the only way you'll really find anything worthwhile as far as Ford cars go. I wish more people with some 3D modeling skills and such would make some various years of Fox bodies available ... everything from notches to hatches to 'verts, Aeros and four-eyes ... and make them for present-day games like Test Drive Unlimited or something. Meh ... guess I need to spend a few thousand bucks and just go to one of those tech schools so I can learn to do it, myself, and then I'd post 'em up on here for y'all to enjoy. :D
  6. i was really hoping for a fox in forza 3.

    Anyway, GTA san andreas for the pc has a fox (you have to add it) Heres a couple pics of it.

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  7. I got that mod in my multiplayer HAHAAH:nice:
  8. Anybody know If these forza series games are any good? Seriously debating pickin up an xbox again for this
  9. Yes forza 3 is supposed to be a fantastic game, I cannot wait.

    Forza 2 was a lot of fun, I still actually play it, considering forza 3 is about to come out thats not bad for game play time, at least for me.

    The the thing I like most about the xbox is you can get it modded for like 30 bucks and get any game free.
  10. :drool:

    Where can I download that one from?
  11. i just cant get over how good some of the new games look. at a glance that cobra looks almost like a pic of a real one.
  12. Ya, graphics in games are getting crazy it's hard to believe how far its come in the last few years. And yes tannerc91gt the forza games are a lot of fun and #3 is supposed to be much more, they brought back drag racing and all that fun stuff!
  13. GTA 4 comes with a fox mustang
    Needs an aero swap though.
  14. Let me google that for you

    I also reccomend download the program called "mod installer" It makes installing cars way easier. If you do it manually, you have to edit a bunch of text files and such. No difficult, just takes a while.
  15. It may look like a fox but the damn thing was Front Wheel Drive!! :bs:
  16. I wasnt trying to be a dick, Im at work and most gaming sites are blocked so I figure Id lead him in the right direction.:nice:
  17. Nice. I will usually pick these games up after a few months (when the price drops) but I can't wait to check out the Cobra.